A few questions

13 years ago...


I will be moving to Subiton sometime in August this year and have a couple of (valid) questions about the area etc.

Generally, how are the trains in the morning into Waterloo? Since I work in the city this is obviously important on their regularity etc including late at night.

Just how safe is the area around the station, walking around late at night?

I get the impression that the "good" areas are on the upper side of Victoria Road as opposed to down near Brighton Rd, just from reading the messages on here.

Are there any local squash clubs/music clubs etc? What do people do for "fun" and relaxation?

Where's the nearest cinema and gym?

I'm sure I have many more, and i'm looking forward to my move soon!



i've just moved out off alpha estate just dont. to many gangs, drugs litter etc. recently a teen got arrested for seriously hurting someone they will ruin your life

Whats "The Castle" pub like?

I went there for a quick beer to checkit out and it seemed full of locals and fairly quiet.

It's also close to where I live. Frankly I wouldn't bother. On the occasions I have gone past it and glanced in, I decided it wasn't somewhere I'd be rushing to. Decent pubs are few and far between in this area. You have to go down to Victoria or Maple Roads to get anything passable.

It depends what you are looking for really. For traditional pubs, I would say the best in the area are The Victoria on Victoria Road and the Spring Grove just across the border into Kingston.

There are quite a few more modern pubs that are worth a visit (e.g. The Grove on Maple Road), and several bars like Rubicon and Gordon Bennett.

There are some bad places in Surbiton, but I would say there are plenty of good ones too.

The Alpha Estate is fine. I regularly walk through it to get to the station. My only complaint is the large amount of litter, particular outside the houses on Smith Street.

The Avenue is equally fine (but then I would say that because I live on it). The high proportion of rental properties often mean places aren't always kept in the best state but it's generally quiet and safe. People often rave about Lovelace Rd (which I have also lived on) but the Avenue is quieter and less crowded. Plus walk about 2 roads behind and you are amongst some lovely big houses and the Surbiton Tennis Club which has a good gym. My only complaint is the lack of decent pubs but Surbiton centre isn't that far away.

this is the link to the 'alpha road' residents page -

if you have any conserns I guess you could mail them and they' be able to give you info as to 'anti social' behaviour / crime etc around that area

There are a few shops down berrylands road I think a green grocers / offie / sweet / news agent and hair dressers and one that stays open quite late at night - from memory

and plenty of shops on the Ewell road (including beauty 'spa' / pizza delivery /offie / take outs / grocers etc)
the Library is also close

I dont think the alpha estate is a particularily bad area, I had friends (3 single lads) who rented there for a year or two and they never had any trouble, I'm happy to park my car there and when I lived in berrylands would often use it as a short cut at day / night and was ok,

I think its a lot to do with personal experience and what you yourself think defines a 'poor area' as- IMHO compaired to some london inner city areas I wouldnt necessarily say it was 'rough / dangerous' etc - but compaired to some of the more affluent areas of Surbiton it may come across as such to some people

Well bearing in mind i've lived next door to Canning Town in East London for nearly 3 years, I think it'll be fine :)

Anything of interest in that area I should be aware of?

Is there a grocers or newsagents or any sort of shop nearby?

Whats wrong with Alpha Estate?

There is nothing really wrong with the Alpha Estate, but it is not the first place that I would recommend someone to live in Surbiton.

As council estates go, it is fine, but it is far from the nicest place around here.

That was me just posting btw...

Is "The Avenue" regarded as in the poorer/more dangerous areas then? From my experience, its a nice area...

Its near Berrylands and Eual Road though, which on here you all seem to say are poor/bad areas to live in!

In my view The Avenue is quite a nice area. The only downside to it is that you have to walk through/near the 'Alpha Estate' area to get to the station and town centre. I don't see this a a major problem, though, as it is not a particularly bad estate.

Berrylands is not a poor area to live in (perhaps a little dull), and Ewell Road is not too bad either.

Final word then. Is "The Avenue" regarded as a good/bad area?

I see its near Berrylands and Alpha Road - so does that mean its in the poorer, more "dangerous" area and I should be careful?

Jerry and I love it.

We've had a few problems with a neighbourgh ploughing up their front garden and planting vegetables though.

Margo Leadbetter

Actually 02 broadband should just use the BT landline for internet providing.

3G would be for the mobile phones, or am i wrong?

Anyway, i'm looking forward to my move! 2 weeks to go!!

Does anyone recommend a good store near Surbiton - or indeed in the town itself to buy furniture like a Cupboard or Microwave?
Nothing too fancy, just a decent sized wardrobe would be nice.

Also, has anyone tried the 02 Broadband in the area? It seems like a great deal!

There are not really that many places in Surbiton to buy larger items like that. Kingston is less than a mile away, and will offer a very good choice.

It is worth mentioning that O2 3G is non-existent in central Surbiton at the moment. I assume that this is because they are trying to find somewhere to put a new mast.

I've only been to the castle many many moons ago - so it may have changed now but the brave new world pub is nice and close by
I think they still do gigs


as for entertainment - it depends on what your looking for?

there are several music venues in kingston and / or comedy:
Kingston has the usual nasty large scale clubs but there are smaller venues and bars dotted about

for live music
(dont know if they still have the dodgey strippers in the other bar....)

music and comedy at the grey horse:

bacchus a late night grimey bar, with generally a younger crowd DJ's and gigs -

lounge bar / DJ's :


and others that I cant remember the names of..
In surbiton - for pubs I like the lamb, the vic, the grove and the saucy kettle - but its always personal choice as the kettle doent seem too much liked on here ;P but I've been going for years and years...

The Castle used to be a 'dive'

Check it out now ....


The Castle has been nominated as one of Surbiton's Best / Worst pubs. You can vote and comment on it here: The Castle

Surbiton.com webmaster

Cool, thanks.

What about "The Castle" pub - what sort of rep does that have?

The Avenue is KT5 8JW

Check it Out ..


BT Broadband by far the best land based ISP as you have the exchange which is within half a mile by the Library/Fire Station or The Avenue, but why bother with land based broadband, especially if you’re renting or want to be laptop mobile?

I have Vodafone Internet Connect USB 'stick' 7.2MB at £15 PM 3GB monthly caped and yes it is 3.5G (3G+) 1 year contract £100 for the stick which could always resell on ebay as its yours. Simply plug it into your laptop and your up and running and if the place in Surby doesn’t work out, pick up your laptop and off you go with your broadband!

Pop into my local The Victoria Hotel ‘The Vic’, it’s the best pub in Surby and welcome

I think you'll find that all ADSL broadband will come through the local BT exchange. Your best bet is to decide what type of service you want (speed, phone/TV package, etc.) and go for the best price.

There are a few websites that give comparisons, e.g. http://www.broadbandchoices.co.uk/?partner=interactiveinvestor

If you go for the 3g option, you'd better be sure you get good reception at your home address.

Thanks for all teh replies here - really appreciate them!

I've actually decided to go ahead with the flat on The Avenue and got it all sorted!

Now onto other things - whats the best internet providor?
I see the Surbiton ISP exchange is quite well located - so i'm curious who people use...for fast (downloading) and general good usage.

I'm quite techy so dont worry about dumbing stuff down!
For instance, i know alot of people use Virgin Media but i wouldnt personally touch them with a large long barge pole and would much rather use the likes of Be Broadband or any of teh others...

Looking forward to moving!

Also any advice, tips, transport, things to look out for, handy shops for things (we need to buy a large cupboard at a reasonable price), markets that might happen, events that go on in the town...anything really is most useful.


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The above text has been deliberately disemvowelled as it is in breach of the Surbiton.com terms.

Is this a politically correct website or is Ionkontrol the only one who gets on his high horse?

grmbyd wrt........"Fnny hw th 'jcks' lk th nglsh whn t sts thm" dd t tht, th rsh nd th Wlsh fr vrs dffrnt hstrcl rsns, nd y mght hv n d.

The above text has been deliberately disemvowelled as it is in breach of the Surbiton.com terms.

S why mv hr?

The above text has been deliberately disemvowelled as it is in breach of the Surbiton.com terms.

All this talk of Chavs. I spend most of my days in and around central Surbiton and all I ever encounter on the streets is little old ladies, retired colonels and mums pushing prams. Surbiton is the most normal, pedestrian place I have ever lived.

Fnny hw th 'jcks' lk th nglsh whn t sts thm

The above text has been deliberately disemvowelled as it is in breach of the Surbiton.com terms.

Surbiton is normal, but you cannot have a normal place in the UK these days without chavs. They have been around for years, but the current government has overseen an explosion in their numbers by encouraging people into this lifestyle. Surbiton is fairly fortunate in this regard when you compare it to areas like Epsom and Sutton, but you do still encounter them.

The only real problem in Surbiton is the scummy element that hang around outside the YMCA, but that is still quite mild compared to most places.

There is a lot of moaning on this site about problems in Surbiton (and this is to be expected), but this should not be allowed to detract from the fact that it is amongst the nicest and safest places to live in outer London/Surrey.


Dude, i'm from Scotland anyway - believe me, our "neds" would laugh at your "chavs" so nothing like that scares me.

I'm more interested in the areas that are regarded as "good" or "avoid at all costs"; and if The Avenue - where i'm looking to move is a good place to goto.

I actually went into the nearby Pub - The Castle and found it to be rather enjoyable...and Surbiton as a whole I love since ive spent the last 3 years living in Canary Wharf flats which are dull and boring and i yearn for the countryside.

Speaking of which, how far away are the following:

gym/swimming/squash/tennis clubs
Catholic Church

Also i'd be quite interested to see what entertainment goes on around the town - is there markets, clubs that people can goto.
I'm also quite interested in starting a tutoring session for kids during the week since i used to be a mathematics teacher - reckon its a good way to spend time, make some money and help children...but thats for when i move there!

THoughts? Opinions?

Sct? Y lt ht th nglsh s why mv t nglnd?

The above text has been deliberately disemvowelled as it is in breach of the Surbiton.com terms.

Surbiton is relatively chav-free anyway. There are more around than there were a few years ago, but it is not bad compared to most other areas.

It may not be the best place to move to if countryside is your main concern, but I think it strikes a happy medium between city and country life. The large deer parks and river walks that surround the town are not like the proper countryside, but provde very enjoyable walks, and all within 20 minutes of central London. Access to true countryside is easy from here as well, even though it is not quite on the doorstep.

In answer to your specific questions:

Cinemas - The Rotunda complex in Kingston is under a mile a way from Surbiton, and has a 14 screen Odeon. It is very modern, and all the screens are great, but it can get a little busy. The next nearest one is another Odeon in Esher (3 miles away). This is much smaller, and only really worth going to if the film you want to see is on the largest screen. The two smaller screens are so small, you may as well wait for the DVD!

Gym - The best one in Surbiton is Cannons on Portsmouth Road. It is about half a mile outside Surbiton town centre, but is a bit of a walk from The Avenue. It has all the usual facilities including a 25 metre pool. Surbiton Racquet and Fitness in Berrylands has a good reputation, but I have not tried it. The YMCA gym in Victoria Road is basic (but cheap!)

Library - Surbiton Library is on Ewell Road - half a mile from the town centre, and very convenient for The Avenue.

Catholic Church - St Raphael's Church is on Portsmouth Road (by the Thames) between Kingston and Surbiton town centres. It is about half a mile from Surbiton centre and a bit over a mile from The Avenue.

If you are planning to rent, I really would recommend looking at flats in the 'river roads' area of Surbiton. This a a set of about 5-6 roads that run between Maple Road and the river. Living there you would be ideally placed to experience the best of Surbiton. Buying houses and flats there is more expensive than most of the rest of the town, but renting is about the same price, so you have nothing to lose.

Re Catholic churches

St Raphaels is only convenient if you are living in the areas in front of the train station - so around the river roads/Cranes Park area. If you are living behind the station up in the Avenue area or the Ewell Road area you would be better going to Our Lady Immaculate in Tolworth. IMHO St Raphaels is a lovely building but it leans towards the more traditional side of the Catholic church (despite a young priest and its connections to the Uni). Our Lady Immaculate is a large very active church and more welcoming. Down to personal choice but I'd try both and see what works for you.

When I was a nipper, Surbiton was a nice place to be. The locals were all friendly, buying stuff was easy, and I liked the area very much. Yes, that was then of course. Now all I want to do is get away from it.

There are a number of housing estates in nearby Kingston, and thanks to the Oystercard, the Chavs can roam free enjoying Tolworth Broadway and Surbiton's Victoria Road. The normal chav facilities can be found in Surbiton, Macdonalds, KFC, a former Poundshop which made the best decision of its life to call itself the £1+ Shop, but not much else. So a main day for the chavs is going to"Maccy D's" and then to KFC before the usual fag-cadging. There are enough parks around to keep any chav satisfied from slapping someone or to keep a chavette waiting for month number 9. However a general precaution(toddler or small dog) will scare them silly.

Then there's Tolworth, which seems to be in my opinion even worse. There's no MacDonalds, in fact there are barely any fast food chains, so the chavs will make do with a Pizza or a Kebab before going to their "Hangout", a vast series of underpasses above the A3. This provides a great area for dangling pebbles(Chavs are too scared to use bricks of course) above the passing cars, as well as also trying to mug you in the underpasses.

Bar the bowling alley, there is little unchavvy about Tolworth, except there are no Burberry stores nearby. Think you're in trouble? Never ye mind, you can spot a chav here a mile off. The traditional etiquette here is blindig whiter-than-white clothing all year round, so if you are anywhere around London, you will spot a chav from these areas instantaneously. Rotten eggs and bricks for these moments are also cheap. Get your hands on some now!

Now you know why the theme parks keep their prices up around these areas, and why the 99p stores are becoming less and less frequent. Now you should be able to figure out why there won't be any large Tesco currently.

Perhaps sometime the area will be completely cleaned out and the middleclass will get their town back.

Well I have actually found an amazing flat on "The Avenue" next to Berrylands road anda pub called The Castle.

Can you give some advise on that area? I noticed when I was walking from the station last night you can cut through what looks like to me a council estate - any ideas?

Love the town centre though!

The Avenue is a nice road. It is perhaps not as popular as some of those listed because it is not as close to the better restaurants and bars, the river, or Kingston, but it is convenient for the station.

The council estate you refer to is called the Alpha Estate. It is one of Surbiton's poorer areas, and I would not recommend living there, but it won't present any trouble as a cut-through to the station. Again, it is rough by Surbiton standards, but in reality it is very reasonable.

Hi C

The train service to Waterloo is excellent with 11 trains an hour.
There are plenty of pubs and restaurants and a couple of gyms all withing walking distance ofthe train station.
The nearest cinema is a multiplex in Kingston which is about a mile away.
Kingston provides much more nightilfe.
And dont worry about the train station area, it's not that bad. My girlfriend hasn't had a hassle arriving late at night.

and welcome by the way.

I agree. The train station and YMCA are often complained about on this site, but are only bad by Surbiton standards. If you are coming from any other part of London, you will not notice any problems.

The trains are very good, but crowded - don't expect to get a seat if leaving between 7.30 and 8.30. The last train back from Waterloo each evening is 01.05.

Most of Surbiton is good, but different people prefer different things. If you are young (without kids), the 'river roads' are is probably the place to aim for. It is mainly flats, and quite quiet even though it is within 5 minutes walk of the river, station and nice bars/restaurants on Maple Road. You can also walk down the river to Kingston in 15 minutes. If you have a family, Berrylands may be better as it is full of houses rather than flats.

Other nice areas include Cranes Park, Lovelace, and Southborough, but all are very different, so it is worth coming to have a good look around first.

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