food and drink stealing at Supermarkets Waitrose-MArks and Spencer

14 years ago...

I was comgin out of Marks & Spencer's a couple of weeks ago when the security guy confronted a young man (27 ish) polsih /czech possibly due to accent,and the man unwittingly was escorted out around 4pm time. I saw the guy walk up to Surbiton station and met a younger girl on one the benches by the roundabout. Later while I was shopping in Waitrose this same girl was at the drink section stuffing 3 cans of beer into her shoulder bag. I called the security guy attention, but she was laready gone. Two days later about the same time a different girl went into Waitrose ahead of me made a beeline for the drinks section - grabbed 4 cans of lager, unaware of the security guy standing there, and put them casually back, and walked out. I left north london because of the crime etc, have been a here a short while -its quite uncomfortable and these kind are not helping surbiton's intentions as a good community. Polish adverts creeping everywhere -I cant understand or speak polish or czech - .



Unfortunately, this is not really seen as serious crime anymore. Like you, I am disturbed when I see it going on, but it probably happens less in Surbiton than it does in most other places.

Economic migrants from eastern Europe are bound to be amongst the most likely to indulge in this type of crime - it is not easy living in an expensive place like Surbiton at the best of times, let alone if you earn the minimum wage or less. I must admit, I often wonder why they come over here at all, it can't be nice having to scrape by and rely on stealing beer. Perhaps stiffer penalties for this type of crime would make them think differently?

I am more concerned when this turns into violent crime, like when a Polish man actually hit two girls in the station in order to steal a couple of bags of food a couple of years ago. Hopefully, there will be no repetition of that type of incident.

30-40 years ago you could have substituted the 'czec'/'polish'/eatern european comments seen on this thread with 'black' or 'irish'.
Some things never change.

The dodgy types i see EVERYWHERE come from all ethnic backgrounds.
Plenty of people live on the edges of society, and going back 'where they come from' isn't always a solution.

I don't condone criminal activity by the way, not do i enjoy listening to rascists


Apologies if my comment appeared racist, that was not the intention.

I was merely making an observation that people who indulge in shoplifting are more likely to come from the poorer end of society and that a lot of the current economic migrants from Eastern Europe are likely to fall within that group.

I have met many Eastern Europeans who would never get involved with shoplifting, and have seen a lot of white British people who probably do it daily.

Quite often shop lifting is ignored by the police,even when called by the shop owner,in parts of genteel Bournemouth the police have actually told shop owners only to call if the value of goods exceeds £75.Perhaps Surbiton is also seen as a genteel borough and therefore not worth worrying about as we are all rich and can afford the losses.

Seems to me young "Dave" could do us all a favour by promising to clamp down hard on minor crimes like shop lifting with severe sentences for repeat offenders,say 10 to 15 years hard labour chain gang style,but of course the bad boys don't even serve that long for ABH,GBH or Murder/Manslaughter.

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