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Thankyou for taking the time to read this post.
Surbiton has a great atmosphere and is such a lovely suburban area, i have lived in surbiton for some years now and love to pop into surbiton town to do some shopping on a weekly basis, but F.P Turner and sons jewellers i feel has ruined the publics trust in what it offers and the way they treat customers.
I would love to hear your stories of F.P Turners.
You can also visit www.bewareofturners.com which is a website i found after my bad experience.
So if you have visited this shop please tell me if you have had a bad experience or heard any stories about this shop.

Kindest Regards
local resident


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The above text has been deliberately disemvowelled as it is in breach of the Surbiton.com terms.

They are dreadful, incompetent, and i would not go near them . Guess are a few yards down the road, they have a good range of jewellery and a proper craftsman on the premises. Look no further

I guess you didn't notice. They closed down months ago. It's a nail bar there now.

There is a fabulous jewellers in Esher called Newboulds family run bisuness with great customer service and reasonable prices, would recommend that.

Seconded. They rectified the ring issue that F P Turners gave us.

surbitton was once a wonderful shopping area when the customers were of a higher standard and didnt expect something for nothing all the time......

This used to be a wonderful and professional jewelers who have over the years repaired several items of jewellery to an excellent standard. The same cannot be said now. 4 weeks ago I left 2 rings to be repaired - wedding ring to be re-sized and 3 stone diamond engagement to have a stone reset. I returned a few days later to find the diamond had been reset at a completely different height to the other 2 stones and the at the new gold claws had been 'daubed in place' in a very messy style. I was told that the ring would have to be taken up to Hatton Garden to be fixed and it would take a further week. 3 weeks later and I hadn't heard anything so I went in. Both rings were 'done'. The wedding ring looked lovely, but alas the engagement ring has been completely ruined. The ring itself is misshaped and the fine filigree settings destroyed. What was delicate artwork of gold is now a jumbled mess. To top it off the 'Manager' (who has refused to give her name) took no responsibility for the obvious misshape and criticized that a photo of it should have been taken (by her staff) before the work was carried out. She was aggressive and raised her voice and admitted that this wasn't the first complaint of this nature. I am now faced with getting to a 'proper' jewelers to see what can be done to repair the damage done to my ring. DO NOT ENTRUST YOUR JEWELRY HERE.

I recently took my mother's wedding ring in to be repaired after it had been cut off by the hospital. This was done courteously, and was not expensive. I had to take it back, as it was the wrong size, this obviously was due to the fact that my mother has never been in the shop, but they made it 1/2 size bigger with no extra charge for extra gold. I did notice that another customer in the shop was at the time, being rude and uncooperative, so I think that its a two way street.

thank you for your kind words.Too often people like to complain but are slow to praise,for every complaint i have 7 times the compliments... i rarely come on here as i have better things to do than read un substansiated claims and just plain rudeness from people but thank you once again for recognising the good work we do on a daily basis.

I have always had a good experience at F.P. Turners. I bought my wife a pair of diamond stud earrings here about 3 years ago. She hadn't taken them off until about 2 months ago when one was unfortunately lost. I went back to F.P. Turner and explained the situation. They gave me the choice of either making a new earring to match the lost one, or I could buy a new pair and they would buy the remaining one back off me for the price of the gold and the diamond. As valentine’s day was a week away, I decided to 'upgrade' to some slightly larger diamonds however they didn't have any within the required budget available so we looked through several loose diamonds until we found a pair that were matched my specification within the price range. They were then mounted in the gold setting and with extra secure screw on backs to make sure they didn't fall off! I was very pleased with their patience, service and price (I did quite a bit of research on this element) and my wife is very happy with her new earrings! I would not hesitate in going back for all future jewellery requirements.

Watch bought by hubbie for Christmas 2011 Eco-drive design- no battery required . Stopped after 8 months - told by "lady" needed re-charging which they could do . Watch re-charged and again stopped .
Has since been returned to manufacter for second time.
Just been in and told by "lady" needs a service a second one in 2months .
Told not good enough-she said had told manufactuer and promptly walked away leaving me in shop.
So rude and unhelpful this company should not be used by anyone with a sense of integrity or manners.
Can't wait together my watch and hopefully never have to retun!!!

thank you Mrs Jones for your wonderful review however you fail to note that you recieved a new watch from citizen at my request and i feel that we did all we could to assit you in your problem,the first we have ever had with a citizen watch.

I had to contact Citizen direct to resolve this matter!! They offered the new replacement watch - not at your request !!!!
When I went to collect the watch you stayed in the back office and then had to go shopping - really!!
your assistant was helpful and apologetic on that day. If your going to respond at least give the correct FACTS!

I actually was offered the new watch direct from Citizen NOT by YOU!!! who I had to call to get this issue resolved.
if fact your assistant dealt with me in the end as you AVOIDED the issue at all costs!! so unhelpful
we were tolerant and patient considering how long it took to eventually get it resolved.

I have also had a bad experince with F P Turner and Sons. They treated me very badly as a customer, to point where the Manager was shouting at me down the phone and then eventually hung up on me! They damaged my ring and offered to repair it, but I decided I didn't want any more dealings what so ever with them and have decided to go elsewhere. Since my ordeal I have gone on-line to complain somewhere about them and have seen many many complaints about them previously. I wish I had researched before going to them!

I have the same problem i took a gold ring in to be downsized they have taken gold out and denied it i rang the shop and i got a load of abuse of the manager which then hang up on me not happy not recomended just a bunch of cowboy thiefs

Just a quick comment to say if you put 'engagement ring' into the search box on this website you'll see a few comments about this jeweller. They are terrible.

If you register & post under a username as opposed to anonymous, then you can change your settings so posts are listed in chronological order and then it all makes much more sense, so worth doing in my opinion.

Never had a problem with them. Always quite liked the place.

I had a watch strap that needed altering, and they were fine. Following their initial 'repair' it needed another link taken out and a pin replacing, which they did free of charge and no questions asked!
I'm not a bling wearer myself, so rarely need to use a jewellers, but on the occassions that I have been into Turners I've never had an issue and can't understand why others may have had.
If they have been 'rude' was that in response to how they were being treated? I dunno...... but it's their business so surely upto them how they run it? If it is/was soooo bad then surely it wouldn't survive?

I completley agree with what this person has said. the problems that were encountered in the shop were when the last mangaer was her, now under new mangagement, the shop has picked it's self back up. the staff are very pleseant and always smile, (when was the last time you had friendly service?) repairs are completed in very quick time, (not up to six weeks like h.s samuels!!) and they always ge customers that leave the shop satisfied. Now what is the problem there??? I think that the people reading the reviews should see for themselves what F.P turners is like, and i guarantee they would be satisfied customers.

I was in FP Turner and Sons last Saturday April 25th- the staff was so rude. I asked to speak to the Manager and the owner appeared- Clive Hammerton- what a despicable man he is.

I will be making a formal complaint and what to see this kind of tradesperson off the streets.

Would be able to put some merit to it if you could actually spell. By the way knowing the jewellers concerned you probably deserved it!!!!

the dates on this comment dont make any sense. i also would like to point out that i will be making a formal complaint about libelous comments being posted on the internet.

Many years ago (when all you could see was fields) I used to drink in the same pub as a member of staff from Turners - the stories I could tell you!!!!! Not suitable for this website though. Anyway, knowing the lady in question none of this alleged dodgyness surprises me.

ive shopped their trying to buy some silver earings and was told by a woman, we dont sell cheap stuff and told me to go to argos. I was disgusted. im glad that someone has now got the balls to show them for what they are.

That is interesting. There always seems something a bit 'dodgy' about that shop, so I have never gone in - now I will know not to bother in future.

I took my watch in to FP get the battery replaced for the first time. They took it into the back room and then brought it back out saying that they couldn't get the back off and didn't want to force it as it *might* get scratched. They suggested I try the newer jewellers Guess further down the High St. When I took it to Guess, the lady pointed out as soon as I gave her the watch that the back had in fact already been scratched. They changed the battery with no trouble and punched an extra hole in the strap for me at no extra charge.

Luckily my watch isn't expensive or especially valuable but I won't be going to FP in future for any repairs or purchases. I do like to shop local and support small local businesses and the shop *looks* the part but I wouldn't trust them in future.

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