Garages not on offer with flat

10 years ago...


I recently viewed a few leasehold flats in Surbiton where although the property has a garage but currently not offered by the vendor along with the property. I asked the estate agent and he said that property is on the market without the garage. So the buyer will have to get a resident parking permit and park on the street.

Is it quite common in Surbiton for the freeholders to rent out the garage to day commuters from the station? Could anyone share from their experience if there are any disadvantages if I buy such a property?

Many Thanks


I'd say it is very common. In the 1960's-70's when a lot of the purpose-built blocks were developed, there often wasn't one garage per flat anyway. Conversions and more modern builds are even worse.

In my experience, most people do not seem to care about have a garage anymore. If it is offered with a flat they will take it and be likely to pay a little bit more for it but not nearly as much as the £25k the freeholder could sell it for separately or the £100 per month they could get for renting it out.

For me, I'd not be without a garage. I commute by train and I don't want to leave may car rotting in the elements and subject to vandalism 24/7 (not that I think that is a massive risk in Surbiton). Also, on the rare occasions I do use the car, I like to be able to come back knowing I can park the car directly outside without having the circle round for ages looking for a free space.

I don't think that there is any particular financial disadvatage to buying a flat without a garage. Because such a high % do not have them anyway, it won't put you at a disadvantage when selling. Having said that, if you find one with a garage that is not too much more expensive, I'd pounce on it as they are so rare.

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