Get into THE GROVE - boy, you got to prove your love to me!

11 years ago...

Having visited half a dozen times previously and received extremely bad service on each and every occasion, we were foolish enough to return today. It’s the longest wait at the bar for a drink in any pub in Surbiton and has been every single time we have visited. They never have enough staff on. Not to mention how rude most of them are too!
The reason we gave them another chance was my boyfriend’s 5 year old son, who we thought would enjoy playing in outside play area whilst we could have a relaxing Sunday lunch. It all seemed so promising at the beginning – lovely sunny day and pub wasn’t packed at all. Probably 2/3 of the outside tables were taken although it was already 1.30.
After my boyfriend had queued up for 15 minutes he came back and said food would take at least half an hour. As his little one was busy in playing area it didn’t seem to be such a big problem to me and I suggested that we should wait. After another 15 minutes waiting at the bar he returned announcing that we do need to find another place as they weren’t even taking any new orders for food – we would need to wait another half an hour, then queue up again and hope someone will serve us something. (?!) For a pub that seem to want to advertise themselves as family friendly place serving food all day this seemed staggering! You might get away with that when out with mates and opt for packet of nuts and another pint, however it wouldn’t really work with 5 year old… (“Hey dear, try some of these pork scratchings, it doesn’t matter if you break your milk teeth”).
We even contemplated ordering delivery pizza into the pub garden – would management be OK with that as they are unable to serve any meals although Sunday roast has been advertised outside.
Try to explain to 5-year old that there will be no lunch in this pub and he has to leave the slide and new playmates...
Luckily Gordon Bennett was down the road to serve our needs with fantastic fresh roast!
If you are considering visiting The Grove please do not waste your time. There are a choice of pubs all within walking distance ALL with better service.


last time i was there was about 3 months ago, catching a quick drink before going out on the town.
only a few people in the pub, NO punters at the bar. 2 bar staff chatting behind the bar. I waited for about a minute, directly in front of them, expecting to be served. As no sign of them noticing me, i tried to catch their attention.

'excuse me' i said.
the bloke turned to me and said.....'we are having a conversation, i will be with you in a minute'.....

last time i EVER go to the Grove...

plenty of other bars/pubs where my money is welcome

I find exactly the same thing. It has been my local pub for a number of years, but I never go in there.

The only reason I can see to go in there is that it is supposed to be quite kid-friendly, so if it is bad at that as well there are no redeeming features to the service. It is a shame as it is a good location and has a nice garden.

There is one worse wait for a drink in Surbiton, though - Hart's Boatyard.

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