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'green cross code' woman!

10 years ago...

Has anyone else seen the Afro-Caribbean lady who ignores the traffic in Surbiton
by walking along the middle of the road etc. etc., whilst vehicles try to swerve around her?
It is entertaining stuff at times, so keep you eyes peeled!


Seen her? Oh yes! Helped her once in Waitrose as she couldn't reached something on the highest shelf...she said. Methinks she was just admiring my buns LOL. She overtakes many buses in Victoria Road.....whether they want her to do or not. She has nice range in socks!! Yes....seen her!!

Spotted today. Striding elegantly towards Surbiton along Claremont Road. Amazingly she was on the pavement.....Fashionably dressed in winter woolens. OMG if I carry on like this I'll be writing for the fashion section next ;-)

I had to stop half way round the Roundabout as she walked right in front of me and across the middle of it this lunchtime , cars waiting at every junction while she walked across the middle of it - do you think she likes the attention ?

Seriously though that's potentially an accident waiting to happen - there's so much pedestrian and vehicular traffic in that small area you have to have your wits about you, it's chaotic enough round there with people running like crazy to catch bus and trains as it is.

The socks of course Leslie!

I saw her today, walking along Victoria Road (in the road as usual, but only about 1/3 of the way across) she then SUDDENLY veered to cross the road, forcing a car to have to brake fairly suddenly. Joking apart she might cause an accident one day.

I agree. Only a matter of time before she gets hit. Then again the driver would have many witnesses to her behaviour. She is however an elegant lady who brings colour to Suribton via her socks.

I see her constantly...she is quite mad as I have seen buses and cars have to grind to a halt just feet from to avoid hitting her. But yes good entertainment.

I wonder if she's read about some women that have the ability to 'stop the traffic' and has therefore decided she'd like to do this...... but hasn't got it quite right!

She may be related to Alice (Lakwena) and who claimed her warriors were immortal in Battle as the bullets would bounce off.

Having just read that she wears bright socks she may be of afro caribbean descent but has spent time in Brasil and has become a Macumba man.

Brilliant Poppy! LOL!

I haven't but i will look out. Sounds great entertainment

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