Hanging Baskets

12 years ago...

Do you think that the hanging baskets of flowers should be abandoned in Surbiton this year, due to the water shortages we are facing?


yes, they're naff, get rid of them permanently.
Very 1970's Hyacinth Bucket-esque.

Spend the money on training the planners not to allow tacky plastic shop frontages, etc on Victoria Road instead.

Although it is totally reasonable to believe that the 'planners' spend their time ensuring that we live in a well 'planned' attractive environment the truth is that they do not. Planning rules focus on just about every 'politically correct' restriction to appease the extremely vocal minority that is running and ruining our country. Green travel plans, enviromental impact studies, flood risk assesments, design statements etc, which all add unecessary cost to development. The planners have appear to have no time for 'spatial awareness' to consider the reality that masses of day-glo plastic shopfronts create urban ghettos.
Could RBK planning embrace the new national policy of allowing 'sustainable development' so that they save valuable resouces previously wasted fighting good new development, to focus on outlawing hideous shopfronts. Our new (45 years late) 'go faster' railway bridge might therefore become a gateway to a tasteful Victorianesque shopping environment.

No. They already use a cherry picker to water them. Nothing stopping them water the baskets with a can rather than a hose from atop said cherry picker. We can all operate efficiently in a hose pipe ban. Hopefully some of the good habits we learn will stick.

Still uses water, that later on in the Summer if we don't receive sufficient rainfall, we will need for essentials such as drinking.

I'll accept removal of the hanging baskets when such superfluous and wasteful activities as watering race courses are subject to the same restrictions. Gotta put water usage into perspective!

It would be a shame, but they probably should.

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