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18 years ago...

Hi All

Amazing that another 12 peole are interested in chatting about Surbiton.

I'm new to the list so just wanted to say Hi.

I've been living in Melbourne Australia for the last 17 years but I was born and raised in sunny Surbiton. I do get to go home (yep still call it home) every 5 years or so. Everytime I come back something changes - looks like I've got waitrose to look forward to on my next visit.

My parents live in Ewell Road (Tolworth end) and they are thinking of moving so I had a a bit of a surf to look at real estate prices. Oh my gawd how does anyone afford to live in Surbiton anymore !!!!! I think my parents place is now worth 10 times what they paid for it 20 years ago.

While I'm here I also thought I'd ask if anyone went to Hollyfield secondary modern school in Lambert road (I think) - it may have a different name now. I went there from 1970 to 1975 and it would be fun to chat with others that might have been there.

Looking forward to some news from Surbiton


Leslie Heath (nee Rumbelow)


Tim .. I had to laugh at you saying you are attracted by the shiny gadgets.
Do not think you are alone .. my husband is the same about all car accessories, hub caps, shiny buckles for belts and my son in law 32 cannot resist black cameras, dark grey briefcases and at the moment he is about to acquire a dark brown computer and all the associated extras etc. not for him the pale grey casings of we lesser mortals, oh no dark brown even to the colour of his printing. Sorry about the rain and the thunder, we have the same forecast for tonight and tomorrow so you can laugh at us then.

Denise, I thaught that was the one, six pictures is not much for a camera but I gess disks are pretty easy to come by. I said "sadly" in relation to my purchasing choice being guided by the look of the camera which is all too common for me, my collection of electronic gadgets would suggest a sporty, suited man about town when in fact I'm just attracted to the shiny stuff and not it's uses at all. Sort of an "electronics magpie". Still the camera is great and I love messing around with pictures on my pc and pretending to be all artistic.

As for the wheather in Surbiton, it was raining when I left this morning (I work in Croydon) and it's thundering, hot and close here now.

No chance of me being expected to cut the lawn this weekend though so I'm not to dissapointed.


Hi Tim .. see that you have the camera my computer supplier/pal talked about and compared it with the one I decided on... I chose the Sony because of a video camera we have too. The camera I have has floppy discs which go into the side .. either keeping the pix on the disc or cleaning off. I tend to store my pix in the deep mysteries of my computer. Sometimes I find things I took quite a time ago.... about 6 - 8 pix per disc. Inhibiting, why do you say sadly about the Fuji .. very interested to hear reason. Heat is 90º down here what is it like in Surbiton? Denise

Hi Denise,

I got myself a Fugi MX1200 or something of that ilk. It's lovely to look at and sadly that's what swayed my purchase, looks more like a normal camera than others in my budget.

The Sonys are nice though, Is that the one that can save to a floppy disk rather than all this smart media stuff?


Hi Tim .. you say you got a new digital camera. So have I .. mine is a Sony Ddigital Mavicar Zoom MVC FD83 ... what is yours? There is a movie facility too, limited I think. Denise (Spain)

Hi Jerry,

Give me a shout if you want some pictures for your page, I have just got myself a nice digital camera and am looking for something productive to do with it.

Would be interested to hear Chris's opinion on my photies anyway (I am V.V. much an amateur myself).


Hi Leslie

I have lived in Surbiton (three places in Adelaide Road) for over 30 years. We paid £17,000 for our house in 1974. It would now sell for nearly £300,000. We like Surbiton with its good shops etc, and the position for travel, royal parks, river etc cannot be bettered in my view.

We are just round the corner from Hollyfield School. Both my wife an I have done evening classes there and used the gym to play badminton. I can assure you it is still going strong. I started to build some links on our website for Surbiton, but I regret I have not had time to add much. However you may be amused by http://www.loweprojects.co.uk/surbiton.htm. Perhaps I should add some more pictures (or even a webcam) as the people in this list seem to be spread around the globe.

I know Melbourne pretty well as I have visited it several times on business and have a very good friend who has lived there since the '60s.



--- Should read manager of the Railway Tavern ---

Hi Leslie,

It's not too busy on this list but it's good to hear from another Surbitonite. I am reasonably new here myself so don't know about your schoolbut you knever know...

Ewell road is nice, we looked at some flats there before we found PortsmouthRd but you are right, Surbiton is soo expensive.

As for news on Surbiton, not too much to say really. Chris sent a message tothis group last week about the manager of the Manager being conviceted of attacking one of his staff which was pretty awful but I don't know much more than that. It's generally a pretty sleepy town IMHO.

Hope someone else can provide us with some further news.


Hi, I was girlfriend of the manager of the Tavern and yes he did attack someone, not a member of staff tho. Altho over 10 years ago now I am still in turmoil over this. I have moved on but the memories keep coming back.

sorry to ask this as i know what happened was so awful but i knew this man many, many years ago (he was weird even then) and was just wondering if had been released from prison

what exactly happened at the railway tavern, I've been curious all these years...was drinkingin there a few weeks before it closed. would appreciate any info.

Lady attacked. Though not sure why the pub shut after

Thanks Zigg....it must have been bad if they closed the pub ... does anyone else have any info?

What the link said was correct, i know this as he pulled a gun and a knife out on me. I thought i could trust the man and felt i was to blame due to me repeatedly saying no to his advances, in which he then went and raped the poor girl. Ill never get over it.

lheath as you have come from Oz what are your thoughts on Julia Gillard?? I started up a Julia Gillard fan site at http://pmjulia.com/ any thoughts?

Hi Leslie
Don't know if this is still active but I remember Holyfield and you very well. Would be great to hear from you.
Gary Steeden

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