Homeless begger that lives in Surbiton

7 years ago...

There are many that are aware of Christopher turner, he has a property in Surbiton. Yet even though he is known to many he still manages to beg in Kingston taking money away from those who are genuinely homeless. This man is known to the police but yet they still let this continue why? He is then rude and abusive when confronted surely something can be done


It has now been over 4 months since the homeless person decided to settle himself in front of the Halifax branch on Surbiton High Street. The Kingston Upon Thames police actually frog marched him down to the YMCA but it made no difference, he was back in front of the bank within days. Would any one believe, people are buying him food and and leaving it on top of his belongings when he is not there. What happens if the bank has an infestation of mice and rats or some thing like that spreads to the rest of the town? So much for the police!

The problem is there apparently really is nothing that can be done. He begged in Surbiton for years, and eventually was told that he couldn't do it anymore because his homeless sign was 'fraudulent' has he wasn't actually homeless. Only a month or so later he was back in his old spot (albeit without the sign) and he is still often there now.

He was warned of a possible custodial sentence if he used the sign again, but there is no legal recourse unless he does so. I guess he might spend the occasional night in custody for being abusive, but it won't get him off the streets long term.

The worst thing about the publicity that his case was given is that it highlighted the generosity of Surbiton/Kingston residents towards fake beggars and we consequently now have many more of them! Some of them are probably local, but I have seen others actually come in by train and leave the same way in the evening. You can perhaps understand that in a large town like Kingston, but not really somewhere as small as Surbiton.

When people don't give them the amount of money they expect, they get aggressive. When they do get what they want, they get drunk/high, so nobody wins really...

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