Ideas on how to publicise a new training event

11 years ago...


My business partner and I are using our 30 years of accountancy experience and qualifications to set up a new accounts training consultancy. We enjoying sharing knowledge and, through investigations, firmly believe there is an audience for affordable, teacher-led basic accounts training classes.

We're running our first course entitled "basic book keeping for business" on Sunday 13th May, 2012, from 10-1 at the Fairmile in Cobham. We're offering it at a very reasonable £20 including a break with refreshments in the middle. The class will be limited in size, to make it more friendly and hopefully encourage better learning. There will be notes to take away at the end of it and we'll be around afterwards if people want to ask questions or network.

We're not sure of the best way to get these details out to our chosen audience. Does anyone have any suggestions of good forums where these sorts of individuals will find the details easily? For this event we're looking to target business owners who have little to no accountancy knowledge.

Further details are here:

Any suggestions welcomed.

Thank you for reading,



Loads of avenues, potentially can help. Local Council business and enterprise and education departments, and individual councillors, Local Business Links, Chambers of Commerce, Kingston University Small Business Department, Women's business networks, Kingston College plus any other colleges in the catchment area...

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