Imposition of Residents parking in River Roads

20 years ago...

Did anyone want this? I'm totally fed up with the council, they seem to think they have unlimited rights to squeeze money out of residents, to spend on stupid schemes. Consider the barriers along Maple road; what are they for? They must have cost tens of thousands, and serve pretty much no purpose. Or the conservation area signs at the end of each and every road, which really are completely useless, and cost tens of thousands each.

The new scheme has reduced the number of parking spaces, and introduced yet another tax on residents. Neither of these where mentioned in the public meeting.

The council are a bunch of annoying paper pushers, intent on inflating their tax cull, and hence their sense of self importance. Why can't they get proper jobs, instead of annoying their neighbours?


I did submit quit a large input on this subject of car parking in extremely built up areas which were never built to contain so many cars because there weren't any.

But it did not get shown?

The answer is to restrict the size of the urban car to "Smart" type designs and make more use of two wheeled transport, motorised or otherwise. In addition demand a more frequent and more reliable public transport service by road and rail.

It may also pay local authorities to insist on better location of schools so that the children do not have to be delivered and collected by car, often of the large four wheel drive variety for some odd reason.

At the end of the day one has to pay for the privilege of living where they choose to live.


As far as residents Parking in the area is concerned, it's fantastic! I work shifts, and don't have the luxury of off road parking, I can now get home after 9am and park my car.... well worth £60 a year!!!

[quote="admin"]It's the 21st century I suppose, and obviously I'm all for easy internet access, but has anyone ever seen anyone using it?[/quote]

Actually I have seen quite a few people use it, and I have used it myself. I really think that they should however, spen themoney on reparing vandalised phone booths.

[quote="admin"]It's the 21st century I suppose, and obviously I'm all for easy internet access, but has anyone ever seen anyone using it?[/quote]

No doubt it will be vandalised in due course :roll:

As far as the resident's parking is concerned, I can see that it probably doesn't help a lot of people, but I work from home and it's made life a lot easier for me. As far as the cost if concerned, I don't have too much of a problem with it, as I have forked out a fair bit in parking fines over the years for having to double park outside my house after taking/picking up my kid to/from school. I even got one for parking more than 30cm (or whatever the 'rule' is) from the kerb once. I got the expected pompous response from some brain-dead pen pusher in Kingston Council when I protested the fine.

So, mixed feelings about it. But one thing that does give me satisfaction is that it keeps all those blasted commuters away during the day. :wink:

It's not going to be easy for me to visit my friends on Catherine Road anymore in that case.

...and what about that bizarre internet kiosk on the pavement in Victoria Road - I'm guessing that's a council run initiative.

It's the 21st century I suppose, and obviously I'm all for easy internet access, but has anyone ever seen anyone using it?

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