Information Sought: Macan,. Hugh. O'Donoghue / S B Cooke / H Curtis

9 years ago...

As part of the upcoming 100 year anniversary of the beginning of WW1, we are doing some research on former Shrewsbury House School students who fought in the war and wondered whether anybody had any knowledge of a Hugh O'Donoghue MacAn who may have lived in Cranes Park, Surbiton. We are also seeking information on an S. B. Cooke and H Curtis.

Thank you.


If you look at the website of the Roll of Honour for Long Ditton Memorial at there is a Herbert Curtis shown as follows:

Corporal 5129, 13th Battalion, Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consorts Own), aged 19, died of wounds 11th July 1916. Born Epsom, Surrey, resided Long Ditton, Surrey and enlisted Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey. Buried PUCHVILLIERS BRITISH CEMETERY. Plot I. Row D. Grave 35.

I should think he is a likely candidate for your research.

Can you let me know if there are other names on the war memorial that you haven't found much information about at present? I've found quite a lot about some of the people listed. Is there an email address for the history department at Shrewsbury House School?

There's a website called the Genealogist but you must pay for subscription. However, Macan's ranks are available there.

Hi kbrhome,

You may already know this but Hugh O’Donahue Macan was born in 1898 and the family lived in Fassett Road, Kingston.

During the Great War Hugh was a Lieutenant in the 4th Battalion of the East Surrey Regiment but sadly died of wounds on 1st September 1918 – very close to the end of the war.

He was an acting Captain at the time and is buried in the Heilly Station Cemetery, Mericourt-L'abbe between Albert and Amiens in France.

Hope this helps.

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