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I must be wearing one or it could just be that I am an OAP,but I have noticed more and more frequently how often the following events seem to be happening to me.

1/ Almost run off the pavements by huge baby buggies being propelled by amazons texting or talking on mobiles.
2/ Endless joggers and bikes,and recently an inline skater determined to use me as a slalom gate,again on the pavement.
3/ Only today some cyclists decided to enter Surbiton station forecourt via the exit,nearly collecting me in the process and then giving me the withering look of contempt and the finger of scorn for being "in the way"
4/ The line for any bus outside Waitrose is non existent,milling crowds of assorted students are in a holding pattern doing lazy orbits until the bus of choice appears,then they launch themselves piercing any form of line to get to the bus first.Then proceed for a couple of stops and get off,they could have walked there in the time they were in the stack.

Am I alone,are all town centres like this,is Surbiton actually better than most,I dread to think what it must be like in the rush hour?


Poppy why so sad? you are the best poster on this site.

i can only assume the joggers are out for 2 reasons.

1. new year health kick
2. London marathon is coming up.

Not sad so much as bewildered of Berrylands,my inner instincts tell me that i should be more assertive,perhaps execute some flying head mares on queue jumpers,the odd rocket punch on a pavement cyclist perhaps,the trouble is i would be the one frog marched down the high street,the contents from my 2 "99p" shopping bags scattered for all to see and mock.

Turning to joggers,you are probably right,they could well be in training mode,the grim determination on their faces showing through the blossoming crimson hues of a near death experience plain to see,clearly this rush of adrenalin permits them to charge headlong on the pavements scattering all before them and as for the male joggers!

Rush hour is comical outside Waitrose. There are so many students that it is impossible to get past, so always best to cross to the other side. I am not sure if they get free travel or not, because if not it seems a very expensive way of avaoiding a 5 minute walk.

The hordes of school kids on the other side are slightly smaller, but even more ridiculous because most of them are only waiting for the 281 to take them to Hollyfield School at the top of St. Marks Hill.

I think the most annoying trait these days is that of people who insist on walking in groups of 3-4 people abreast on a pavement and then won't move over to let even one person coming the other way through. This seems to affect all age groups, although families with young children tend to be the worst.

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