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Kick out Ken !

12 years ago...

Lets hope that incompetent muppet ken gets the boot today! Crime in London is out of control.


Hammersmith _is_ a deprived area. Bits of it (Brook Green, the Riverside) aren't but the rest is quite poor and run-down. Even parts of Kensington (North Kensington in particular) are not that well off.

Boris is posh twit, who up until 7 months ago couldnt give a toss about London. It worries me that in an effort to get rid of Ken, people have voted for a laughing-stock racist. I truely despair for London.
His first appointment, a black man, to try and cover up his racist image.
Then bans alcohol on trains. I have never in all my life lving in London, seen someone who is 'drinking' on a train cause trouble.
It's the peopel who are pissed up before getting on trains that cause the trouble. Great first move Worzel.
And how much are the new pointless routemasters going to cost? He doesnt know.
With a multi million pound budget that I contribute to, I would like someone who knows how much things cost before spouting about implementing them.

Lee Jasper, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Dr Azzam Tamimi, Muslims 4 Ken and all the other anti-semites - your man took one hell of a beating!

"Crime in London is out of control."

Maybe so, but not here in good old Surbiton.
In the interests of correctness, it has to be pointed out that Surbiton consistently has some of the lowest crime figures out of anywhere in London.

Of course if the YMCA ceased to be used as a bail hostel, it might have even less.

Will a conservative mayor have any interest in reforming the Council Tax system in London?
You know, the one where per head, Surbiton's residents get half the amount given to such deprived areas as Kensington, Chelsea, Fulham and Hammersmith?

I don't think so somehow.

Let's have a sweepstake on how long it takes him to act on his commitment to get Surbiton rezoned to Zone 5.

My guess is we'll still be waiting when he gets kicked out in 4 years time.
When it comes to stuff like this, the tories will always side with the big company, in this case South West Trains, and not the meek and mild suburbanites who bankroll SW Trains.
In all probabilty, Boris' old Etonian classmate's dad is chairman of the board or something, and they always look after their own.

I could be unduly pessimistic, so its up to Boris (and the Surbiton Conservatives who should pressurise him) to prove me wrong.

Yep and old Ken Livingstone on a salary of £137,579 a year is a real working class hero!

yes im sure the old etonian has all working class londoners best interests at heart.

Well done Boris. Now lets have a mayor that represents the majority.

Well done! We've got rid of him. I wonder what will happen to his mate Lee Jasper now?

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