leslie failed attempts to save Surbiton

15 years ago...

Quotes from Leslie ..

“Surbiton is safe as far as it can be”

“Surbiton is safe. The main source of trouble is not the YMCA”

“The police were great. Within 5 minutes of my 999 call they were there and they took me in a van to the Cambridge Estate”

“The fact that the muggers were not caught was not the polices fault”

“I walk around Kingston & Surbiton from about 3.45am 5-6 days a week. Only once in the last 6 years was that a problem”

He goes to ONE meeting at the YMCA, meet the manager and the Cops and the sun shines out of their butts
Please don’t ever consider a role in life where you have to speak up for the public


I would dearly have liked to attend the meeting and get some valuable points across but was unfortunately away. However, it sounds from the first reply to this thread that the meeting yielded no results. That is a shame, although not a surprise. Can anyone post a brief summary of the meeting - points raised and the authorities' responses? Alternatively, anyone know if the council intend to circulate any kind of minutes to everyone living near the trouble spot?

Much appreciated!

Hello Plutus, I will not give my own personal account of the meeting as it has been said already and criticised;

1. Everyone who came could have red form to ask a question.
2. Helen Whately took questions after statement from Sgt.Manns (St.Marks Police)
3. Questions covered subjects like antisocial behaviour, people hanging around entrance of YMCA smoking, local crime report, spending on police.
4. Helen Whately and local councillor got a little political for a minute but were stopped by attendees who wanted to talk about the issue not politics.
5. YMCA managers were there to answer various points.
6. Helen Whately will be publishing a full account of meeting on her website.

When I visited YMCA to speak with manager he informed me that another meeting will be held there. This I gather is not a open public meeting as the place can only hold a certain number of people. But if you want to go then speak with the YMCA for more details. I believe more councillors, shopkeepers, residents organisations, police will be there as well. As yet no time or date.

Hope that helps..... L

Hi Leslie, Thanks for the breakdown. I'm glad to hear that there is someone in a position of influence trying to help us in our plight. I look forward to seeing the meeting minutes on Ms. Whately's website.


I must agree that I can also see the contradiction in leslie’s posts. I saw one post of his that stated something like "don’t mess we me or you’d feel the force" and “ I will demand resignations” absolute missed opportunity

Leslie, you didn't say anything at the meeting that was “laudable". We intended to state our opinion on the ymca situation but you just droved on and on wasting time, then it was over. It was a lost cause, we thought that you where the one (as stated by yourself) on this thread to quote "force resignations’ etc and you simple did/say nothing

Mr and Mrs Evans

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