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11 years ago...

Can anyone recommend the best local newspaper for Surbiton/Kingston please?



If you just want Surbiton news, there's the free Surbiton paper The Good Life. But it doesn't do Kingston, just Surbiton - news, arts, listings etc, and lots about the farmers' market. Comes through the door on the second weekend of the month.

Never seen it.

The Surrey Comet was always the leading local newspaper, however over the years it has tended to become thinner and thinner, with fewer jobs, there isn't much news in there - in fact you can get most of the news on their website. The Guardian is it's sister paper and if you are lucky you will get it free thru your doormat or you may be able to pick it up at the library, .it has the same news at the Comet. However I went into a newsagent in Tolworth last week and noticed The Kingston Guardian piled up - I asked if I could take one - I was told I had to buy it! The Kingston Guardian! It is a free paper! The Kingston Informer is no more but that's no loss. So you are better reading the Surrey Comet online and saving your money.

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