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Local pub quiz?

11 years ago...

Anyone know of a decent quiz night at a 'nice' pub around the Surbiton/Berrylands area?


The Broadway Bar in Tolworth is nice and quiet, they dont have the music turned up so high that u cant hear yourselves like they used to a few years ago. The new manager is very conscious of keeping the music low.
Its really nice in there and now the evenings are lighter you can sit outside and watch the world go by.

Does anybody know of a pub quiz in Surbiton or Tolworth that runs on a WEDNESDAY night?

Please, please, help me out here. Thanks Surbitonites.

The Black Lion seems to be getting quite a bit of support, but my vote goes to the Antelope on a Thursday. A relaxed, fun evening and a lovely quiz master.

Is there anywhere left where one can just have a quiet pint?

The Lamb is fairly quiet, if you get there early enough. Also the Black Lion - they don't tend to have music playing very loud, and the only noise is the people (and the landlord yelling time at the end of the night!). The Fox and Hound on Portsmouth Road is fairly quiet. All pubs in Surbiton do get busy on Friday / Saturday nights though, but I'd say the Black Lion for the weekdays.

Brilliant. So Black Lion or Berrylands sounds like a winner, or W&H if it's Thursday. Woohoo!

I'm *total* crap but my fellow oxford grads will make up for it mwuhahaha ;)

Thanks all.

Definitely the Black Lion! Every Tuesday, starts about 8.45pm. Very entertaining, and different rounds every week. Get there reasonably early, as it does tend to get busy.

There are quite a lot around. The Berrylands pub does one each Tuesday night, and in Surbiton itself there are quizzes at The Grove, The Antelope and the Black Lion each week.

The Waggon and Horses do one on Thurs (8.30) - nice pub and always popular. There is also one on Brighton Road (Youngs Pub - cant remember the name) which is good and that's on Tues. On the corner near the Red Rose indian towards Portsmouth Road. Darn my memory.

i'll second the recommendation for the black lion, i haven't been for a good while now but it's a really good quiz, and mark is a very entertaining quizmaster. the only thing is it tends to get won by the same 3 teams, so bring your A game!

The Black Lion, corner of Brighton Road and Maple Road, every Tuesday

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