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Hi all,

I'm considering buying a property in Surbiton.

From a pure location-snobbery point-of-view, what would you say are your top five areas/roads within a 20-minute walk from the station? And (more importantly perhaps!) what would be your worst five?

It will be interesting to hear what people have to say!




I think it depend largely on your budget. With unlimited funds, Southborough is by far the best area, but you are looking at £1m+ to buy anything there.

At the other end of the market, the area around St James Road/North Road is good for flats as it is very central and largely well preserved Victorian architecture. Ditto St Andrews Square.

Most of Surbiton is good. Stay within a 10 minute walk of the station and there are next to no bad areas. Beware of anything that is much cheaper than the average as it might have very localised problems attached (e.g. there were drug den problems well documented on this site in Victoria Avenue a few years back)

The topic is very subjective - different people will prefer different streets for different reasons, schools, house type, etc.

For that reason, a list of the most expensive streets might give a more objective view. The most expensive streets won't necessarily equate to what people think are the snobbiest, but there's probably a pretty close correlation.

From Zoopla the alleged 25 most expensive streets, excluding Long Ditton addresses. I'd guess that most would be within 20 minutes walk of the station.

The list appears to be based on the whole road, so Langley Avenue is probably lower than expected because of apartments on the Surbiton side of the roundabout.

Apart from that, no real surprises. The streets with large houses dominate, with Southborough clearly the most expensive. Followed by a few favoured streets within Surbiton and on the town side of Berrylands.


01. Ashcombe Avenue
02. Southborough Close
03. Walpole Road
04. Woodlands Road
05. The Drive, Corkran Road
06. Seymour Gardens
07. Corkran Road
08. Endsleigh Gardens
09. Sylvan Gardens
10. Dunton Close
11. St. Matthews Avenue
12. Kirkleas Road
13. Pine Walk
14. The Crest
15. Southborough Road
16. Copse Glade
17. Malcolm Drive
18. Regent Road
19. Willow End
20. Hailsham Close
21. Redwood Walk
22. The Mall
23. Langley Avenue
24. Mandeville Drive
25. The Ridge

That only holds true if you want to live in the biggest houses, though. The Mall is only 22nd on the list but at £800k+ for a small 3 bed semi it is probably more expensive than most of the ones higher up the list like-for-like. Thse houses on Woodlands Road would be cheaper per sqft.

Most of the really expensive river roads are missing from the list because they are dominated by 1/2 bed flats meaning the average price is quite low. When a rare larger house does come on the market in one of these roads, it would be more expensive than the same house in most of the roads at the top of the list.

I don't follow your logic, the biggest houses are more expensive because they're the most sought after, and only those with most money can afford to buy them.

In general, if somebody has a million and wants to live in Surbiton, they'll be much more likely to buy a large detached 4/5 bed house with 100 foot garden in Southborough/Berrylands than a 2/3 bed terrace on a river road for 500/600k.

People can't buy percentages of a house, only the whole thing, so relative pricing per sq metre doesn't apply. It's the absolute price that determines how much money the purchaser actually has in their pocket, how rich they are. The relative price per square metre may decline, but it doesn't change the absolute measure of wealth.

Everybody who lives in Woodlands Road could afford to buy a house in a river road if they wished, but they prefer their more expensive houses. I could be wrong, but I wouldn't expect the reverse to apply.

True, but it is all about which roads have more flats. St Leonards Road has some fabulous houses that would be more expensive than virtually anything in Southborough if they were ever sold, but that road would never appear at the top of the list because of the amount of flats bringing the average right down.

A lot of roads in Berrylands get higher in the list because they are chock-full of identical semis that no one would really call 'snobby', but they are quite expensive and there are no flats to bring the average down. The Mall falls into the same category although some may derive some snobbishness from it because of the location.

It all depends what the definition of snobby is - a big house or a convenient/popular location. Flats above shops in Notting Hill go for more money than large detached houses in Woodlands Road, but more people would regard the latter as the more snobby location with Notting Hill being more expensive because of the 'cool' factor.

"A lot of roads in Berrylands get higher in the list because they are chock-full of identical semis that no one would really call 'snobby', but they are quite expensive "

Meow! I hate to burst your river roads bubble, but that's simply not true - the Berrylands roads in that list are the ones that have Berrylands' largest detached houses.

06. Seymour Gardens
13. Pine Walk
14. The Crest
18. Regent Road
25. The Ridge

Their location, closer to Surbiton Station also makes them more expensive than other parts of Berrylands. Seymour Gardens is probabably Berryland's most desirable because its got large houses, is closest to Surbiton station and is a quiet and pretty cul-de-sac.

People familiar with the expensive and expansive houses in these streets can see why they sell for much more than those in the river roads "chock-full of identical small terraces".

Interestingly, looking at the dictionary definition of Snobby, I came up with the following

•S: (adj) clannish; befitting or characteristic of those who incline to social exclusiveness and who rebuff the advances of people considered inferior

On that basis, if you're a typical 'river road' dweller, maybe the 'river roads' are actually Surbiton's Snobbiest, given your inability to see beyond your 'river road' clique, and determined dismissal of more expensive parts of Surbiton.

Surbiton is very varied, so it depends what you are looking for.

A lot of people would contend that the 'river roads' running between Maple Road and the river are amongst the best and they are certainly some of the most expensive in terms of £ per sqft. These roads are only a 5 minute walk to the town and station, less still to the river but remain very quiet and leafy as long as you don't stray too close to the Portsmouth Road end. Kingston is also a sub-15 minute walk down the river. The roads are mainly flats and smaller houses with a few larger ones.

Langley Road/ St Marys Road and the surrounding roads as Surbiton turns into Long Ditton could be described as Surbiton's 'poshest' area and mainly consists of large Victorian houses and modern counterparts but never gets particularly 'footballers wives' like Esher and Cobham. It is a very nice area and still walkable to the station.

Cranes Park on the Kingston side of Surbiton is another estate of larger houses, but this one isn't quite so grand as it has become studded with blocks of flats over the years. It is still nice and the fact it is a few extra minutes walk to the station gives a bit of a discount in prices.

Berrylands is Surbiton's true suburban area and it is probably the type of district that most people imagine when they think about Surbiton. It is a good area for families and has it's own small station that is one zone closer into London, but remains a good deal cheaper than Surbiton itself.

Surbiton doesn't really have too many bad roads. I'd avoid living too close to any of the main roads as it is a busy area with lots of traffic, and I'd not venture too close to the area where Surbiton turns into Tolworth. It is getting better, but you will know where it is when you visit the area.

The only council estate of any note is the 'Alpha Estate' which sits between King Charles Road and Ewell Road. It is not too bad as this type of place goes, but probably not an area to choose if you can help it.

"A lot of people would contend that the 'river roads' running between Maple Road and the river are amongst the best "

Delusional self promotion from somebody who obviously owns a house in the 'river roads'! Southborough would be regarded by almost all Surbitonians as the most desirable part of Surbiton. The only problem is having a cheque book big enough to be able to afford it.

The river roads have a nice location and are beside lively bars & restaurants, but
* houses are small oldish terraces, with attendant noise problems
* parking is a nightmare
* gardens are small / non existant

They are best suited for a narrow and transient demographic - youngish 30-ish professionals or established singles who have time to have an active social life and can afford to pay a premium over other smaller sized properties.

As they grow older and acquire kids and other worthless possessions, they tend to upsize to larger, generally more expensive properties. If they're staying in Surbiton these are probably in Berrylands, as not too many can make the jump from a £550k river road house to astronomical Southborough prices. Otherwise they move out to cheaper family housing further from Greater London.

This is all a generalisation obviously. Some youngish couples, if they can afford it, will skip the transient stage and dive straight into the more expensive large house. Others will forego the 'river roads' premium, live somewhere cheaper for a while and save their pennies for a family home.

Of course, the emerging trend is that the younger generations are increasingly not buying anything at all, priced out as they bear more than their fair share of this recession.

I agree with you on the whole, but as someone who doesn't own a house on the river roads, I have still got to say that the top 5 or 6 houses in the whole of Surbiton that I'd like to buy are on those roads, even if the next 50 or so are in Southborough.

It depends what you are looking for, Southborough is a lot like any stockbroker estate and this type of house can be had a for a lot cheaper elsewhere. The river roads are much less attractive (apart from certain houses) but are right on the river and a short walk to Kingston and to Surbiton station. The area is actually quite quiet and it's location makes it ideal to live without a car.

There are also plenty of areas similar to the river roads, but these are all actually more expensive (Teddington, Richmond etc) which is what is driving the popularity.

I think you're in a minority of one there.
If all houses were the same price and you were allowed to pick one from any street, I can't imagine anybody prefering a river road over Southborough.

Re where Surbiton turns into Tolworth I would have to disagree with you. There are some fantastic roads in that area with period Victorian houses and tree lined streets and close to several parks and open space. This area is popular with young families and house prices have risen in the last few years to refect that.

You are right that the border has effectively moved down a few roads in the past few years and a lot of the roads around 'West' Tolworth are much better. Still would not want to move much further than that though.

I find it difficult to think of any 'Worst Roads' in Surbiton ! I suppose the High Street end of Victoria Avenue because of the foody smells that drift along from Brighton Road. However at the other end by the park, there are some gorgeous houses. Also the 'river' roads down from Maple Road, there are some beautiful cottages but parking would be an issue. Flats behind the station – not sure I would want to walk along there at night although better value than roads at the front of the station. As far as 'Best Roads' I am spoilt for choice. There are some lovely apartments in Lovelace Road, Lovelace Gardens, Adelaide Road and Claremont Road, close to station and they always hold their value. Walpole Road off Brighton Road is also a favourite, and the Southborough Estate in Surbiton, at the upper end of the market. Why not try Long Ditton - it is only a 20 minute walk to Surbiton Station, beautiful houses in St Mary's Road and the streets off - e.g. Saxonbury Gardens. But at the railway bridge end of St Mary's Road, it could be noisy due to the trains honking their horns as they pass through. Very pretty in Kings Road, Long Ditton but parking again could be an issue.

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