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Which Londis is the best? Old School Berrylands Rd or the new bad boy on Ewell Rd?
Anyone got any mint Londis moments?



The one on Maple Road without a shadow of a doubt. The one on Surbiton Road is overpriced, unfriendly and actually charged me for a tiny, whispy cellophane bag which split on the way home. The guys in Maple Road will actually get new stock in for you if they don't currently stock what you want, they are friendly, the store is lovely, fresh, clean and tidy and although it's quite small, they have an amazing range. (I never thought I would be raving like this about a Londis!)

surbiton road one is cheaper then maple road one and has a better off licence range as for friendly i think they are great and ok sometimes they charge for a bag well bring your own. 10 out of 10 for Londis Surbiton Rd

The main issue about Maple Road Londis is that the owner has left their previous shop unit, two doors away, semi derelict. It is an absolute eyesore which has vandalised opaque glass and is used as a warehouse for the present Londis.
All the other shop owners have made real efforts to make the Maple Road shops a pleasant village type environment.( Shoes At Last and French Tarte both recently winning RBK retailing awards) so it is particularly sad that Mr Londis is letting the side down. It is better for his own trade if the area is appealing
If it is a conservation area can the council not take enforcement?

Totally agree with this. This space would be snapped up pretty quickly, so it seems senseless to leave it like this. I am not sure if the conservation area rules would help?

The shop that was the 'Printed Clothing Company' until recently has been let to a loft conversion company. It is a bit of a strange choice, as I would have thought a bar/restaurant or another boutique style shop would have been more suitable.

It is probably better that it is not another bar as it could start to get a bit rowdy down there on the weekends, but I hope that it doesn't mean we are going to see more of these barnacle-like roof extensions appearing in central Surbiton.

I thought the Londis on Surbiton Rd and Maple Rd are a franchise owned by Mahal, I find them both inconsiderate and rude.

Got to vote for my local Londis in Berrylands! Scruffy yes but who cares? They get the job done. Having said that I mix it up with the place opposite when I can. The recent "milk wars" was hilarious.

The Londis on Maple Road is the best - spotlessly clean, stocked with everything under the sun, and the guys in there seem to work an average of roughly 120hrs a week. Great example of how to work hard and run a shop well.

I use the one at Berrylands Road whichh stocks most things but is a bit scruffy, it could do with makeover I think.

I am going to have to go for my local one on Maple Road - a small store, but seems to stock everything you could ever need. It is quite smartly finished for a store like this, and the prices aren't that bad for a convenience store.

Sounds like I may need to get milk elsewhere in future, though!

Definately the best. Pricey...but great service. Does it EVER shut?
They seem to work all hours, fair play to them

actually, d'ya know what? I think you're right about the Maple Road Londis - a great example of how to get a Londis right, the guys on Berrylands could learn a thing or two from Maple Road!

Berryland Road everytime, that store rules, though their milk does seem to have the world's shortest shelf life...

...which is probably why they pretty much give it away!!

All Londis milk seems to be pretty bad at staying fresh - I used to buy milk from the Surbiton Road Londis on the way to work, now I make sure I buy it from proper supermarkets.

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