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Hi All

We are desperately looking for a lost cat and hope in posting this that someone may have seen him.

Lost: Male cat - very fluffy, long hair black and white with very hairy ears and a distinctive black mark under his nose. He is neutered and chipped but has no collar. He has been missing for over a month and is only a year old. His name is Bouf, he is very friendly and he is sorely missed.

He lived in Ravenscar Road Surbiton / Tolworth. Please get in touch if you have seen a cat fitting this description, we are desperate to find him. I have read that over 60% of missing cats turn up within a mile radius oftheir homes so it is very possible that someone has taken him in. Any information hugely appreciated.

Many thanks


we live in st james road in surbiton- we were in our garden tonight and a black and white cat fitting your description came into our garden mieowing quite a lot so i knew it was a young cat- it had a distictive black mark under its nose rather like a large mole- it was very friendly but nervous- it has a coller on with a grey looking bell on which we thought might have been an address tag but we tried to look but it wasnt- wasnt a bell either- it seems hungry and was light to pick up so hadnt eaten for a bit- know you said no collar but thought in 20 weeks maybe some one took him over and put one on- hope this helps laura

Hi Laura

Thanks so much for this - can I just check was this a long haired cat? He is a verfy hairly fluff ball of a cat.... the mark under his nose is black fur, much like a hitler tash! he has been missing now for 10 months so our friends have given up hope but if he matches the description we would definietley come to the area and look for him! It would be amazing to find him after all this time.


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