Mad Hatters

20 years ago...

A new pub has opened up to the Ewell Road called Mad Hatters. It was formerly a pub but has laid derelict for a couple a years.

I guess it's good to see an old building done and provide a bit a life and trade from that end of town. But it's a bit too much of a theme pub for my liking. I bet they'll change it within a couple of years


Why did the Mad Hatters pub close down three months after opening ?
The notice on the window said because of illness.

School reunionists, have a look at a site called There should be plenty on Surbiton

I'm not sure the "whatever you want so long as it's plastic" concept was a real winner though - at least not for a high street shop.

Having said that though, a quick search of the web has come up with - Transatlantic Plastics Ltd, based in Totton near Southampton.

I've not Sundays at Brave New World (nee Bun Shop - now that was a good music venue).

I remember Transatlantic Plastics very well. They got bigger and bigger until they occupied three or four shop fronts on that parade. Then, I believe, they were bought up and then closed down. It was a pity because it was one of the many speciality shops with which Surbiton was well endowed.

At that time, there were good shops for motor spares, hardware, model aircraft and trains, stamp collecting, hi fi and radio units and spares, and many many more. Now, you couldn't buy any of these things without going to Kingston or elsewhere. Guess we are still spoilt for choice - it just happens to be one of a few dozen different places to drink fizzy beer drowned out with smoke and loud music. Baaaaaah!

On which theme, has anyone tried the jazz at the place which used to be the Bun Shoppe. Apparently, they have good sessions on a Sunday afternoon?


It's been vacant for years. It's a shame the tower's all boarded up, it must have looked good in it's day. I remember it when it was a garden shop.

Perhaps nobody wants to buy it because it needs a lot of money spending on renovating it. I could imagine it being turned into a trendy drinking establishment - especially once the thousands of new residents from the new development start pouring into town.

Does anyone else remember Transatlantic Plastics?

Anything is better than abandoned shops and decaying buildings- be it
pubs or building society.

Does anyone know the story of what is happening to the corner of
Electric Parade. I have seen old pictures of this building and I am
sure it could be something nice.

Luxury flats perhaps....

It used to be said (in the 70s) that Surbiton was nothing but Estate Agents and Building Societies. Then, in the late 80's, it was loaded with charity shops as the Thatcher decline got hold. It can now be said to be well oversupplied with pubs, wine shops and off licences. What does this say about the locals, and indeed, are they the ones who are attracted to these places - especially the "themed" places which come and go by the month (eg the place on Portsmouth Road opposite the marina which is currently a sports bar - it changes each time I drive by)?


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