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14 years ago...

Most pundits expect the General election in May 2010 on the same day as the Kingston council elections. In Kingston & Surbiton the vote will be very close, and both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats will be pounding the streets canvasing for your vote. Most of us have local issues important to us. The candidates will make their usual promises, but once elected, well you know the story. It is my intention to meet these candidates and confront them. But, I shall not accept their verbal promises. If they want my vote then they put their signature on my form which will have my concerns. Then if they break that promise it will haunt them for the next 4 years. Your vote is very important this time. Make them work for it. Don't be one of those who stays away from the polling station. Don't be one of those who 'spoils' your voting form. I can tell you now from being at a count that the parties don't care about your little protest. Make the politicans and their supporters work! Do it your own way, but I will enjoy my way, and I hope you enjoys yours!


Hi Leslie

Tell me more. How bad is the situation regarding Victoria Park? Cheers

I will give you a brief report from the Meeting:
1. The Surbiton Central Area Residents Association (SCARA) support closure of Victoria Park gates.

2. 12 crimes in last 6 months: 4 robbery, 3 possession of cannabis, 3 assaults, 2 theft, and average of 2 crimes a month.

3. A peak of 7 crimes in May 2009.

4. Crime on Victoria avenue accounted for 0.5% of Kingston crime over reporting period. (You know at first that seems small, but how many roads are there in Kingston. I don't know, but until someone comes up with the exact number, there must be hundreds. 5% then seems a high(?)

5. Main borough hotspots include Cambridge Estate, New Malden High St, Tolworth Broadway and Victoria Road.

Generally this is a good report, but it became clear at the meeting that the Police need more people to report crimes/incidents. It was reported by one resident that an elderly lady had her front door window broken and had been threatened. Also others said cars had been 'keyed.' There was activity in the park during the night resulting in screaming and anti-social behaviour. From my own observations the amount of people walking up to the park has increased. This is a good thing if everyone is well behaved. It became clear that quite a lot of the trouble might be being caused by people going on towards Elmbridge. Personally I have every confidence in the Police as they seem to know what is required, but it is the Council who have dragged their heels.

Having said all of that I will answer your question of 'how bad is the situation regarding Victoria Park?'
The answer is compared to other areas within Kingston, not bad. But it seems to be getting worse at the park end of the Avenue for the people living there. My gut feeling is something bad will have to happen before the Council acts. Hope that is OK for you Mr Dave?

Surrey Comet headline (28 August) "Lockdown park"

So Liz Green (St.Marks ward Lib Dem Councillor) accepts serious crime has escalated and something need to be done. Why did you not listen to the residents Cllr Green? Why is it always about money?
There is no need to contact you Cllr Green as you know my views. Now I have the latest Liberal Democrat Focus newsletter, and so I know Cllr Mahony's views on improvements at Victoria Park. Wait a minute, those views look very similiar to some I was supposed to have said in a draft copy on that Focus. I did not say them did I? I resigned from the party as I wasn't prepared for my name to be used like that. Makes me wonder what I should do Cllr Green? Do you think the local press would be interested to see the newsletter and the draft copy of it?

"The dog is awake" Cllr Green!!

If you're looking for politicians who WORK, you can't look further than Ed Davey, our current MP. The man is a total workaholic - utterly committed to the constituency; to the people of Kingston & Surbiton; & to the preservation of decent, humane, liberal, values. And, wow, how he works! Always around in the constituency; always making a forceful contribution on the LibDem front-bench. And even the Daily Telegraph had to allow that his extremely modest, and completely transparent, expenses claims set him apart from most other MPs. Added to that, he's a lovely guy! Vote for him!

Hello Johnberry, I known Ed Davey since 1997. He has worked for me on a number on matters, and I, in return joined the Liberal Democrats. You will get no argument from me as regards his hard work and honesty. My reasons for leaving the Lib Dems had nothing to do with him, and he in an email agreed that I was right to be upset with the local party. Ed is almost certain to get my vote at the General Election. The Council candidates are not and will have to 'work' to get it no matter the party they represent.

My issue is the closure of Victoria Park gates at night. I went to the Neighbourhood meeting in 2007 and heard what the politicians and police had to say. I went to the recent meeting at the YMCA and nothing has changed as regards the politicians. Kingston Council ignored a petition from Victoria Avenue & Endsleigh Garden residents, but since then the situation has become worse for many near the park. I resigned from the Liberal Democrats and the the possibility of being a candidate in the St.Mark's Ward because there was a 'quote' in my name in a draft copy of their Focus newsletter. I never made such a quote! Now that 'quote' has been used although slightly altered by a current Councillor in the current issue of Focus. I just don't trust them now and so I will confront them once they canvas my street. If anyone wants my vote then they will sign my form stating that once elected they will close the gates at night. No signature, no vote!

And to any Liberal Democrat 'official' reading this. I told you in my resignation letter to 'let sleeping dogs lie' but you could not. This is just the start.....

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