Merry Christmas

19 years ago...

Hi All,

You?re a quiet lot, but Merry Christmas all the same.

I moved into my flat in Portsmouth Road last week and so feel much more at place posting here.

Hope we are in for a busy 2000 (list wise that is).

All the best.



Hi Malcolm,

I?m almost sad to say it as it was such a non ? event but I spent the millennium in Surbiton.

Mainly because I was on call for work, but also because we couldn?t handle the hours waiting for trains into and out of London, we paid £30 to see a very poor mobile disco at ?The Antelope?. It didn?t matter too much in the end as on call or not I had decided to be excessively intoxicated and achieved this with some flair.

I hope to make next year more memorable, that?s the real millennium anyway.


Did anybody have a Surbiton New Year ?

Though I like Surbiton alot I couldn't see in the Millenium here, so me and my wife (sorry girls I'm married) went to Snowdonia- which was great.


Thanks for your message, yes the move went quite smoothly in the end, it?s a stressful thing to do though I?m not sure I could cope with moving across continents as you have.

Nothing ever happens in Surbiton? There is quite a lot of news in Surbiton as far as I can see, there seems to be a fair share of nasty things like murders and attacks as well as the odd community event (though most of it seems to centre on Kingston). There are new shops like Waitrose popping up and the leisure facilities seem excellent, most of all there seems to be some really interesting people living here both famous in a global sense and in a more personal sense (legend in their own mind if you know what I mean).

I?m still new here though so ?Go on someone, give us some real Surbiton news!?


Hello Tim ... very glad your move went smoothly (well you don`t say it didn`t... ) and I agree that it would be nice to have more movement on the Surbiton front. A friend down here who knows Surbiton said "well what the hell could happen in Surbiton anyway.." perhaps we could all surprise him (he is an elderly retired professor of the English language) ... I would like to wipe that smug know it all grin clean off his face ...

Denise Martin in Spain......

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