Merry Christmas 2008

15 years ago...

Lets see some of that old traditional Christmas spirit back in town


This thread neatly demonstrates the polarised views that people seem to have about Surbiton. I have experienced some of the drunken problems mentioned here, but find them much less than most other places I visit - for example, I would not say that Surbiton suffers any more from this than Walton or Guildford.

The house prices comment is interesting as well as I have always seen the nicer parts of Surbiton to be more expensive than places like Tooting. Places like Berrylands and Tolworth are cheap, but I can think of many places I would move to before central Surbiton if I were looking for cheap housing!

Like stepping over drunks, walking around projectile vomit, crossing the road from a stabbing, slashing up against the ymca wall, flobbing on the Nationwide cash machine

Yep, have a merry traditional Christmas in Surbiton

yes - nice pool of fresh vomit outside my house. Still - nicely offset by the piles of dogmess in St Marks Hill. . What an unhygenic s***hole this country is.

You're mistaking Surbiton for Brixton or Tooting mate!

Never lived in Brixton but Tooting was really cool but had to move to find low cost housing.Cant say i have ever seen much of an edge to Surbiton but rarely visit the YMCA end.

Tooting I was there last week and not one person in any of the shops I visited or the cafe I ate at had any coherent grasp of English.

Sounds like an every day tale of Suburban living or it may be a street theatre freeform installation sponsored by the Arts council or the Rose.

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