missing Surbiton

20 years ago...

hiya hiya!
ok, i just recently joined. i don't live in Surbiton at the moment... and i miss it dearly. i miss Surbiton Station with it's whitewash look and it's OddBins. i miss the Hogshead... heck, i even miss the Rat and Parrot (ugly art on the walls and all!)! I miss the Sainsbury's with the grafiti on the front... i miss the auto place with the back end of a car jutting out with the liscense plate that says "hellllp" or something of that nature... i miss the indian restauraunt next to the Saucy Kettle... *sighs* so many memories... i used to live on Hook road near the Maypole... i'm in the states now... :( i think i need some cheering up. has anything changed there on the high street recently??


to answer Natalie's question: I'm living in New Jersey at the moment... i feel no connection to the place at all, though i was born here. i lived in Surbiton as a student attending Kingston Uni. the moment i arrived at the place i knew i was home. i'd never felt anything like that before or since! i constantly prattle of storys to my boyfriend and family about my life there... they get a bit tired of it! *lol* i'n 2002
i'm taking my boyfriend on a tour of London, as he's never left the states before. naturally we'll be staying in my beloved Surbiton!
oh, and yes, i'd almost forgotten about the queue of black cabs in the car park! Malcolm mentioned the book shop on the high street, i agree with you there! i really liked that place! i never did venture into the YMCA though. oh, but right next to it, between the YMCA and the Sainsbury's... do you remember the little raised art type piece that said
Surbiton in (was it?) orange letters? i wish i'd taken a picture of it because i've really forgotten if there was more to it or not. it was interesting though. anyone know what i'm talking about or am i just a big fool? *lol*
one more thing... who is "Tidy" and why is his tag painted/scrawled/etched into any object possible from Surbiton to Kingston?? It even said "Tidy" on the Sainsbury's sign! oh, now i'll get into a big discussion about the local graffiti! on a garage wall near my home it said "Chelsea Rules London" in spraypainted blue letters. *sighs*
but i suppose i'm rambling now... i'd better go do something usefull...

i just sent out an email, i know, but being as i didn't get this one till just after i'm sending out another. i remember Toadies vaguely. i do remember Bull and Sons, being as i was a regular Boots shopper. i had no idea that it was one of the oldest businesses on the road though!!! wow!! and also a big wow to Zak's brother! i was always amazed at the Mini!

The Mini stuck in the wall garage now belongs to my Brother. Its an amazing site.


Hi Arlene, well i don't know how long ago you left Surbiton but its still much the same... one shop you may remember was Toadies... well that closed down about two/three months ago and we have an un named shop there now that sells unusual ornaments ... i work part time in a shop called Bull and Sons next to Boots... remember that? i reckon it must be one of the oldest businesses in Victoria Road - it was established in 1895!
well please do come back and visit us again
best wishes Peter

Unlike you guys I'm not a Surbiton resident, but moved here in 1998- i live in South Bank right by the station. The area has improved quite a bit since then. Surbiton station has been done up and looks great. The B&Q closed down and was replaced by a new Waitrose. We now have a food only Markies in the high street.

My favourite places in Surbiton are:-
The YMCA. You can have a pint and bring your kids. If you have a tea or coffee- it is dead cheap.

Jennings the Butcher on Ewell Road- the friendliest butchers in the world. What they don't know about the weather isn't worth knowing.

Postino on Ewell Road- crazy Italian place.

The book shop on the high street- nice place to go on a Saturday.

The Station which I can see from my lounge window. An art-deco masterpiece.

The Indian restaurant by the Saucy Kettle is dreadful, but the Red Rose on the corner is fine. Alternatively try the Raj on Ewell Road.

>Malcome, I was devastated to read about Fortunes
>changing name to Allegra. Suddenly life just isn't
>the same anymore :( Did it change management? Is
>the food still good?

Food is still great. The people are the same- they are Czech I think. They changed the name when they refitted it back in 1998/9.

> - the mural painted inside Surbiton station of commuters

Where's that. I pass through there every day and have never seen it.

Hi Arlene & Hi to Malcom

Malcome, I was devastated to read about Fortunes changing name to Allegra. Suddenly life just isn't the same anymore :( Did it change management? Is the food still good?

Arlene, I'd forgotten about the places you mentioned - especially the mini stuck in the wall! I used to live in Kings Drive, Berrylands and here's what I miss most:

- the fish n' chip shop on St. Marks Hill
- the mural painted inside Surbiton station of commuters
- the queue of black cabs in the car park
- Fish Ponds park (used to go fishing for stickle backs, my brother fell in the pond once too)
- Surbiton Pet Shop (favorite shop as a kid)
- the dolphin statue outside near Kingston Grammar Jr school

Ok, got to go - I'm writing this at work.
Which part of the States are you in? Why did you move there? Questions questions.... sorry, I've got the big annual audit this afternoon and the nerves make me over-talkative :D


Limassol, Cyprus

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