Morrisons in Surbiton?

8 years ago...

Apparently Morrisons are buying a large amount of Blockbuster stores. Does anyone know if they are buying the one in Surbiton?


I do hope so, I think it will do very well.

I reiterate, it will be a terrible move. What with the new Sainsbury;s at the station, Surbiton is turning into a supermarket town.

What other type of town should it become? Surbiton is a relatively wealthy area and densely populated, but residents just don't have the appetite for the traditional butcher, baker, candlestick maker type shops any more.

Everyone likes to see a high street full of interesting, indepenent shops, but very few are actually prepared to spend enough money to support them. It works (just) in Richmond and Chiswick, but not in Surbiton especially with Kingston under a mile away.

So if Surbiton cannot support any more independent shops it either fills up the vacant space with supermarkets or 'lowest common denominator' places like cash converters, betting shops and nail bars. I'd personally rather see supermarkets!

Whatever next!
Shops on a high street, selling things?
This town has gone to the dogs.
Bring back the birch.
I'm emigrating to another country (but I'm taking my Daily Mail and Saga subscription with me)

I agree. I doubt most Surbiton residents are delighted at the idea of another supermarket, but it has got to be better than another empty shopfront. My only reservation with this move is that the parking will be a nightmare with that type of shop moving into Brighton Road where parking is already a big problem.

The Sainsbury's shop is much better because it will appeal solely to people wanting to buy a couple of bits on the way back from the station and those wanting to do a full shop can drive to the main store and park in the car park there.

Hope not.

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