Moving away

20 years ago...

Hi All

Well we might not be the most active group but I aways like to read whatever anyone has to say about our beloved town.

With regrets my wife and I are moving to Dorchester in a couple of weeks time and I know I'll miss the convience of the chippy over the road, Blockbusters round the corner, Fish the new resturant in Brighton Road - excellent! and of course the railway station three minutes up the road where all great journeys used to start.

Now I will need a car for life away from Surbiton.

May Surbiton remain Queen of the Suburbs. I am looking forward to returning to visit family. I have heard that there are plans for a small shopping mall opposite to Sainsburys when the old Royal Mail sorting office closes very soon plus some housing and guess another car park which the town badly needs from a trade point of view. The motor car is a bad problem as so many old houses have no off street parking.

We shall see what happens!

Best wishes to you all.

Peter de Groot


Just thought that I'd post being as we seem to be discussing Surbitonians who have since moved to other areas. I've gone even further, as I live in the States again now! :(
Surbiton will always be home in my eyes, even though I was born in the US. Surbiton felt like home the moment I arrived there and I wish I could have lived there forever. Whenever I return to Surbiton I'm shocked at how this wonderful area changes and grows yet still feels like the town I used to live in. The Sainsbury's has been re-modeled and businesses have changed, but it's still Surbiton!
On my last visit I brought my fiance with me to experiance it for himself. ^_^ We had a wonderful time.
I'm exited to hear about the mall idea near the Sainsburys! Soon we'll be a hub like Kingston!

Thank you Natalie for your kind Bon Voyage message in response to my recent posting. Its good to know that ex Surbitonians still remember the town they lived in although they are miles away like yourself.

It would be good if we could get this site active again!

Now I am here is there anyone from Surbiton who now lives in Dorchester where (as I said before if you have already read my earlier missive) my wife and I are moving to shortly.

Yesterday I created a Dorchester Dorsetshire site at Yahoo Groups. Anyone who has visited the town, lived there or has any link at all with the place such as through Thomas Hardy's novels set in his reborn Wessex is welcome to go to the site and join if they wish.

Hopefully see you there and here of course at Surbiton site.

Enjoy the rest of our 'indian summer'

Peter de Groot
leaving Surbiton soon but will return to visit once more I promise!

Hi there,

Good luck with your move to Dorchester - I hope everything works out. You are right, Surbiton is the Queen of suburbs and even though I now live in Cyprus I still have a special place in my heart for it :-)

Bon Voyage!

Natalie Sey
Limassol, CYPRUS

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