moving to surbiton?? advice please!!

10 years ago...

hi all,

my husband and I are looking to move in to rented accommodation within the next couple of months, with our 2.5yr old and 8 month old. we moved from claygate - where ive lived all my life, to Walton on thames for hubbys job to cut the commute down. however, we don't love the area and I want to go back to the "K3 bus route". hubbys job is now taking him in to London so was thinking Surbiton would be ideal.

only property that is available at the moment in the area I want to be in, and in our price range (for school catchment areas - need to apply next year - would LOVE Limetree or Christ church - any info on these?), seems to be on BRITANNIA ROAD. now im told this could be on the alpha estate (ive never heard of it) which ive heard mix reviews on... can anyone shed some light on the area?

many thanks, and merry Christmas :)


Thanks for all your info, definitely going to have a drive around this week to check out the area more. I've just spoken to a friend who lives not far from Britannia road and she was quite positive about it. Just viewed a house in claygate so still considering going back there! Thanks again :)

Try Sunray 3 beds under £300k and if near Malden Manor end it is only zone 4 so heaps less expensive.

Surbiton is quite expensive for renting, especially near the station. A two bed flat in that part of Surbiton would be £1200 + per month. However Britannia Road, King Charles Road, etc is cheaper as it is uphill walking back from the Station and not so close to the main area of Surbiton shops. The area you mention has a few shops,along the Ewell Road, perhaps take a ride around the whole area with a map, and see for yourself. Good luck ! If you can stretch to Adelaide Road, Claremont Road, Maple Road or the Lovelace area etc it would cost more, but is a better buzzier young part of town.

Well, Britannia Road is probably one of the worst parts of Surbiton, but not bad compared to a lot of other places.

I think you need to ask yourself what you didn't like about Walton and what you did like about Claygate. I don't know either of those areas well, but it appears to me that Claygqte has a 'villagey' type of atmosphere that will be difficult to replicate in Surbiton. The river roads area off of Maple Road will be the closest, but still not as quiet and leafy as Claygate and probably a whole lot more expensive!

I also wouldn't get too het up about Surbiton's great train service. It is fast and frequent, but so many people have moved down from London to benefit from this that it is now far too busy. SWT are unwilling or unable to provide more trains which means it is now sometimes actually physically impressive to get on the first train that comes in! Some people would prefer the extra 10 minutes on the train and actually get a seat or comfortable standing room.

Sorry for such a negative post. I love Surbiton and as a long term resident I can't think of moving anywhere else, but it am not sure it is for everyone.

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