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Moving to Surbiton - TV, Internet, Phone Advice...appreciated

6 years ago...

I'm moving back to the UK since leaving in 1993. Moving to Corkran Rd. in Surbiton

I did a quick review of TV, internet and phone options....thinking I'd pick BT or Sky!!! My head hurt after 15 minutes of scanning endless providers, options, schemes, packages, time frames, sign up discounts etc, etc. Have I gotten old and stupid or are the options overwhelming?

Has anyone poured through the options and worked out the best packages? Massive thank you, if you have.

Priorities are fastest possible internet connection + a TV package that comes with as much football as possible!!

Based on my relatives experience in the UK, it seems that the area you live in can impact the speed of the internet...depending on the provider.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I'm with Virginmedia.. 60mb internet, lots of crap TV and BT sports channels. No dustbin lid on the side of the house or putting money into Murdoch's pockets. A win all round, I sure you will agree. Lots of half prices sign up deals if you look about.

Thanks. Sounds like you're happy with Virgin Media.

Sky all day long tbh. Virgin costs more, and currently sky are offering 2 years free (you pay the line still) broadband if you subscribe to Sky sports (which it sounds like you will).

though i assume this is a ploy to get you into a contract so you don't bail to BT broadband for the champions league football next season, but then thats just my cynical view.

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