New restaurant in Tolworth - Viana

12 years ago...

Has anyone been to the new restaurant that's opened recently next to HSBC bank.
It claimes to be an English & Continental restaurant, boasts opening times to 01:30 Fri/Sat night and a set menu for £10 daytimes. A table of 4 gets a free bottle of wine. Looks good and with simple tasteful decor could be a winner - yet I've never seen anyone in there!

Have you? Or anyone you know?


Delicious food, friendly staff, reasonable prices - I've been there many times now and it is my favourite restaurant!

I'm new here and have been scrolling through the forum when I came across this thread.
I visited the Viana last January and I must admit it was one of the best meals I have ever had in Tolworth.
The restaurant decor is simple but the staff were very friendly and attentive. They have an excellent selection of Belgian beers and the food was excellent
I had a large bowl of Cumin spiced tomato soup to start which was slightly too spiced foor my liking but good all the same
I highly recommend the chicken fillet stuffed with mozzarella and chorizo with sweet potato sauce. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the sauce was amazing
I have recommended this restaurant to friends and family and they have all enjoyed it. Excellent food at a very reasonable price

Just had our first visit to Viana and really enjoyed it. The staff were very friendly and the food was lovely, prices were really good value for the quality of the food we had. We will definately be going back as i want to try the rest of the menu.


I've just seen this thread as a friend of mine pointed it out to me, and I thought I'd respond to some of the comments, as I am the Chef at Viana.

Firstly, thank you very much to Richard and Juliet, your comments are very kind and I'm glad you like our little restaurant.
Second, I would like to reassure everyone that I, nor anyone else who works here has posted anonymous comments pretending to be customers.
And finally, I'd like to respond to the original post!! Yes, we are a new, small and independent restaurant, business is quite slow at the moment but we are relying on word of mouth and customer satisfaction to hopefully turn our restaurant in a bustling place full of fun.

It would be improper for me to use this thread to blow my own trumpet, so I won't, I will simply say that we are all working very hard to do the very best we can, and we always welcome the opportunity to please, perhaps even surprise new customers!

So if anyone would like to come down and experience our restaurant for themselves, it would be an honour and a pleasure to cook for you, and hopefully send you home well fed and very happy. :)

Alan Bowman
Head Chef, Viana Restaurant

I have eaten here at least 4 times now, and every time it have been very enjoyable indeed. Great food and a really friendly atmosphere. I would definitely recommend it.


Really good food, nice and relaxed evening, venue perfect for a birthday or works party!

Really good food, nice and relaxed evening, venue perfect for a birthday or works party!

Don't believe you.

This is a great place to go!

Food is amazing, service is excellent and the owners are friendly. I've been here loads and fully recommend going.

Don't believe you.

Have been 6 times including a great birthday party, you should try it the food is great

Thank you anonymous, but we'd like to hear from a non-anonymous person who can recommend this place.

From anonymous's response this place is absolutely brilliant - in that case where are all the non-anonymous people who also think so?

I totally agree with all the anonymous postings on here! The people who run the restaurant, Eddie and Anna are charming, helpful and courteous at all times. It is a real pleasure to find somewhere like this locally. The chef, Alan, is passionate about his food. When I went down there last night Alan was just being congratulated by a couple on his vegetarian option which, according to the lady was better than good, much to her surprise as in most places, from what I overheard, the veggie food is usually just acceptable but nothing to write home about.

I had steak and mash which was served with a little jug of gravy on the side. The starter, fresh mushrooms in garlic were delicious (and very hot!). My friend had a fish dish which she also really enjoyed. The deserts are lovely and Alan is constantly on the lookout for new and creative ways to cook and serve the food. I can't do him justice here as I don't know enough about what he does, so I recommend that you go and talk to him yourselves.

I've been a resident in Tolworth for longer than I care to think and I can't recommend this place highly enough.

I don't have an account on here which is why this is coming up as anonymous, apologies!

Juliet (Beresford Avenue)

Totally agree, I think that I am the vegetarian, that complimented the chef, the food was excellent.

Well register then, get an account, get iinvolved and people won't think you are a fraud.

For what it's worth, as another anonymous poster I'd like to say this review has lost all credibility!


"Good night Viana"

I would suggest that the guy who keeps posting "don't believe it" should try the restaurant for himself but to be honest, I am not sure I would want to come into contact with such a negative and unpleasant character! Your name isn't Thomas by any chance? As in disbelieving ...

Try this place people, it is lovely.

And I will remain anonymous!


I don't go to restaurants who's main output is SPAM.

I suggest you get a life or seek treatment. SPAM? Your diet must be very poor ...

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