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New Subway branch in Surbiton

12 years ago...

I saw some prediction about a Subway opening in Surbiton some time ago.

It now appears that they are moving into the shop on Claremont Road recently vacated by Oriental Cuisine.

I am hoping it won't be open too late at night, as it could add to the increasing problems with chavs congregating in that area as they visit Village Pizza and Corky's.

Time will tell, I guess. It is certainly not the type of addition that I wanted to see in Surbiton, but I suppose it is better than another empty shopfront, especially in that part of town now that the most expensive florist in the world (Wild About Flowers) appears to have gone bust.


Ionkontrol - Oriental Cuisine certainly was a strange one. The food was quite good, but the decro had not bee revisited since the 1970s, leading to a grim atmosphere and hardly any customers. It is the only place that I have seen £25 bottles of one advertised on luminous, star-shaped signs a la chip shop!

The owner was just not prepared to spend any money on it, and I am surprised it lasted as long as it did.

Anonymous - I did not realise that about Wild About Flowers, and wrongly assumed that they went under due to their high prices. I wonder why they signed up for such a short lease, as they have only bee there a couple of years.

There certainly seems to be a problem in Surbiton with high retail rents not reflecting the amount of people shopping in the town. I hope this does not lead to more empty shopfronts as we head through this downturn.

"No really a good addition. Subway is rubbish." ????

Yeah, I saw the sign on the window yesterday. No really a good addition. Subway is rubbish.
That was a really weird restaurant. Tried it out once or twice, but it was never busy, and couldnt really see it lasting.

'Wild About Flowers' didn’t go bust, the lease expired!

Subway will be well away from your precious Maple Road 'stompimg ground' surbiton1 and it will be excepted

With the exception of Pizza, McDonalds and that crip Kebab House nr the station is all we have

Go to Kingston, try the ‘Reggae Reggae Chicken Sub and you will change your mind!


I wasn't trying to be snobbish about Subway itself - I have had a few sandwiches from there, and I think it is quite good in comparison to other fast food offerings.

The reason that I think it may not be a great addition is purely because it will be another attraction for the hordes of weird teenagers who seem to have nothing better to do than hang around outside these sort of places. I think there is a fair amount of trouble in the Kingston station branch of Subway.

Can subway use a previous restaurant as a takeaway without planning permission?
I'd much prefer another shop, or restaurant before having another takeway joint.

I am not sure, but Subway will use this as a 'restaurant' of sorts as well, because there will be tables in there. Oriental Cuisine did some take away as well, so it would probably be classed as the same thing.

As long as they keep the litter under control, and are not open too late, it should not be too much of a problem. It will never be an asset to the town centre, but it might not be too bad.

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