New to Surbiton

15 years ago...

Hi there

I've just moved to Surbiton, orginally from Australia, and am wondering what sort of social clubs/societies are out there in the area. I know there are a lot of church groups in the area, but I'm not really a church person, so I was wondering what else there is about. It'd be great to meet some people for a chat at the pub and so on, as I'm feeling a little bit isolated at the moment!

I'm 27, female, wide variety of interests, any suggestions welome!!




The BEST pub in Surbiton is 'THE VIC' opposite Sainsbury's

No squiffs, naffs, peasants or scumbags (have I missed one?)

Pleasant, professionally run and very socialable

OK expensive but there’s a reason for that

Oh and great rugby pub, always play the ‘down under matches’


Hi Morgan

whereabouts are you! some great pubs in surbiton the lamb is nice and very sociable!


Thanks for all the tips! Looks like I might have to get me to the pub!

Hi - you could try Kingston dragon boat club Friendly place for some exercise and socialising.

Welcome to Surbiton Morgan.

I can't vouch for any of them myself, but we have a list of Surbiton clubs here:

They seem to be mostly sports based at the moment, but you or anyone else comes across any others please feel free to nominate them here:

Hi Morgan,

Not sure about any groups but if you're near the river end, maybe pop round Gordon Bennet's on Maple road, usually full of decent, friendly people and the staff are great too. I'm sure you'd make friends in no time at all. Might bump into me there too!

Funny that, I am actually IN Gordon Bennett's right now. Great place, lots of friendly people - and free wireless internet! :-)

Welcome to Surbiton Morgan. My wife and I only arrived a few days ago, but I have lived here before and it's a great place.

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