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12 years ago...

Unfortunately the book club mentioned below is now fully subscribed, but please feel free to discuss or arrange alternative clubs here.

I know some people tried to set one of these up several months ago now but I'd like to attempt a new one! I'm and 29 year old female, Hayley, and have moved to Surbiton recently. I've been in touch with another user via the rpevious thread on book clubs, and we have decided to try to get together a group of people to start a book club. For reading good books, of course, but mostly to meet people and have some fun! We figured we'd meet every few weeks on a Tues or Thurs even in a local pub/cafe in Surbiton. By no means am I a hardened book worm so wasn't planning on reading anything too heavy, but thought we can take it in turns to choose what to read! If anyone else is interested then email me on [Email removed on users request] and we can arrange to meet up to plan the book club!


Are there spaces in a Surbiton book club that anyone knows of or is anyone interested in starting a new one? Happy to do the organising!


Check the new thread to show interest :)

I would happily join a new book club too. Maybe the best way is to set up a new thread so we can keep track of who wants to join. I am getting a bit confused with all the messages on this one.

I have just recently moved to Surbiton and would love to join a book group if you are happy to do the organising. It looks as if there are a few others also interested!
My email is
Looking forward to hearing from you


I'm an English teacher, living in the Surbiton area. Very interested to know if a new book club is being established. If anyone can provide me with more info please let me know! I'd love to get involved...



I'd join a new one, I think the others are all full!
Let me know as I'd happily help.

Does anyone else fancy setting up a new (third!) book club? Two of us interested so far so post here if you're keen and we'll set up an email list once we get five or six people! Alex

Hi Alex,

Did this third book group ever get started? I would be interested in joining. I'm a bit reluctant to leave my email address on a public forum.


Hi Vicky,
Yes four of us have met and are reading our first book now, with another meet planned in a couple of weeks. I also didn't put my email up here, but if you contact Phil Tetlow whose email address is already in this thread, he may have a spare copy of the book. If not do come along anyway, he can add you into our email list!
Best wishes,

Thanks Alex. I've now emailed Phil.


Hi Alex,

I have recently moved to Kingston and am also looking for a book club to join. I was wondering whether you have any space left in your group? I can't see Phil's email address but wanted to check on here first before emailing anyway.


Hi Claire,
Sure, we're next meeting on 9th Jan if you're free. You can personal message me on here for details, or email Phil / Jenny whose emails are further down the page.
Best wishes,

Hi, my name is Vicki and I have recently moved to the area. I'm in my 20s and would love to join a book club. Could you please tell me if there is any space left in your club? I tried e-mailing Phil as you suggested to Claire but there was no reply.

Thank you, Vicki

Have you found a book club? I want to join one too and haven't been able to find one.

I'm looking to join one too if anyone's still interested? Lucy

Me too - how many is that? Enough to start another club?

I have just moved to the area too and would love to join a book group. Can we get this going? Gill

Did you have any luck finding a book club?

Would love to join one too or am happy to start one..if anyone is interested, email me at Lisa

Hi Alex, Im Jodie and I have recently moved to surbiton and I am keen to join a book club my email is if you are still setting it up and have space I would love to be involved :)

Hi, i'm Jenny I would very much like to join a book club in surbiton, if a third group is going to be formed, my e-mail is

Fingers crossed

Hi Alex,

I would be interested in another book club - sounds like a great idea... let me know. Not sure whether I should post my e-mail on here or not, but let me know what's the best way.


Hi Hayley,

Did you have any success with this? I am keen to set up a book group if you are still interested?


Hi Laura, Hayley

I have only just moved into the area and would be really interested in getting involved with a book club. Have you started one now Hayley?
If you have and still have room for a couple more, let me know!


Hi Laura, Felicity

I have also just moved to the area and love the idea of a book club. I think the original one from this thread is full, but are you both interested in seeing about getting together another group? Let me know if you are!


Hi Amy,

Felicity and I are meeting tomorrow evening to talk about this. Please get in touch if you're free.


Hi Laura,

do you still have space in your club as I have been looking for a book club for ages? My email is

Hi Amy,

Definitely up for this! My e-mail address is


Hi Laura/Amy and everyone

My name's Sonia and I'm really keen to join a book club. I did post a message on the other day, don't know if anyone saw it or if it's been lost somehow. I'm new to this site as I found it when I googled Surbiton book clubs. If there is space available in your group I'd be interested in joining?


Hi Sonia,

I have messaged you.


For anyone who comes to this thread in the future looking to join a book club we will be meeting at Zizzi on May 10th. Please get in touch if you would like to take part.

Hi Laura,

I was wondering when you guys are next meeting up as I would love to get involved. My email is


Hi Niamh,

We are meeting next at the start of September. I've emailed you :-)

I am moving to Surbiton next week and would love to get involved in your book group, but I see from previous comments on this thread that you may be fully subscribed? I would be very grateful if you could confirm the groups availability for me? If you are in fact full, do you have a waiting list of sorts? My email address is

Many thanks in advance,


Im quite new to the area, looking to join a book club as i love to read, but would also be nice to meet some new folks in the area.

if you could let me know if joining up is an option, that would be great.


Are you the same Emma who e-mailed me? You are welcome to join, please get in touch if you haven't already.


I would like to join this club too if there are still spaces available. Who should I be emailing? Kayleigh

Hi Alice,

Confusingly there are two book clubs in this thread - one that was set up over a year ago which is now fully subscribed and a a newer one! I have e-mailed you.


Sorry I wasn't logged in when I posted before, hopefully you should be able to contact me now! Alex

Hi there, yes I'm a little confused by a the posts - but is there still a book club I could join? I'm a 29yo female who has just moved to Surbiton! Many thanks, Alex

Hi Alex,

I'm afraid that we are full now and can't really have any new members for the moment. If you want to set up your own book club though we managed to get lots of people really quickly just through posting on here.


Hey Alex,

I'd be up for a new book group, if you think you could rustle up a few others! Am new-ish to Surbiton myself... Would be great to do something local rather than endure the evening treks into London. if you wanted to bounce some ideas around.


Hey Laura,

I am really interested in joining the book club is there any space. Please email me on


I have messaged you - we're meeting on the 26th if you'd like to join us.


Hi, just wanted ot update to say that we've set up a book group that meets regularly now with plenty of members so we can't really accept anymore. I write this so that those of you that still want to join a book club should just do as I did on here, add your email address, as there are plenty of people wanting to set something up as well! Good luck!

hi there,

please could you add me to your list and let me know when there is space?


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