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New Vietnamese Restaurant

7 years ago...

Spotted a new restaurant driving down Surbiton Road into Kingston the other day so thought I'd give it a go. Pho Hoi An is open for coffees through til dinner. With no other Vietnamese in the area that I know of this is a welcome addition. It's BYO so grab a bottle and go and sample the delicious fresh food. Everything I ate was delicious and good portions. It's maybe not the place for a lingering romantic date but for an excellent cheap bite to eat - dinner for a greedy pair on Friday was £24 including three starters and two mains - it's a great restaurant. Lovely staff as well. It's only been open 5 weeks apparently and is busy during lunch with students and tutors but not so busy in the evening. So I implore you to get down and try it as restaurants like this should not be allowed to be quiet.....


Good restaurant

Wish there was an menu online for takeaway

Authentic Viet cafe style. Fried squid was our fave. BYO is a bonus despite £2 corkage charged at the end. Only banana split offered for dessert. Closes at 9:30 so come early.
Ignore Anon trying to outdo Anon and try it.

We went to this restaurant last night also having spotted it on the corner of the road by the Polish Deli and reading the reviews here thank you. The restaurant itself is a little basic but it still has a nice atmosphere and the staff are very friendly. One of the reasons it perhaps feels a little empty is because it was when we arrived at 8p.m. there was no one else in the restaurant, which is a shame because the food is fantastic. We tried the Summer rolls, which you can have with pork, prawns or tofu with a rich plum sauce. The ingredients were all fresh and the flavours were amazing. The salad was also lovely and my recommendation is the spicy chilli salty prawns, they arrived warm and were delicious. All of these starter dishes were around £3.50 and unlike other restaurants where prawns particularly are either small or chewy these were succulent and plentiful.

The mains were lovely too and plenty of choice from Pho soup and broths to stir fries with a large choice of what meat or fish you wish to have with that dish. What's also great are the portions and the price. Mains are around £7-£8 and include the rice or noodles rather than having to pay £2 - £3 extra.

All in all a lovely evening with great food. Glad to have found this place and will definitely be going back. Hope others will too.

Agree, really good little place. Went in on Friday night, brought our own bottle of wine, and had some really nice food. Will defo return.

I have been considering trying this place and this post has convinced me to do so. Will report back.
It's surprising that it has generated so much bickering though!
I'll leave my palette at home!

Eat there tonight, it's fairly basic but great food and it's really cheap

Been meaning to get down and try it.

Bloody excellent restaurant serving genuine Vietnamese cuisine, no Chinese food in sight which I'm sure may disappoint those foolish enough to think they're one and the same, but will please those with a varied palette and genuine love of good food.

Sounds like you work there ... What an advert !

Sounds like a propriators spin to me - so exactly WHERE is it?
i am aso not familiar with "Surbiton Rd" either

I can assure you I don't work there, I work in central London. I simply wanted to draw attention to it as there is an absence of other Vietnamese restaurants in the area, and unfortunately restaurants like this come and go as people simply don't find out they exist before it's too late. They have no website and it's tucked away so I thought I'd promote the good meal I had there.

Best of luck in persuading anybody reading your original spiel that you don't either work or have some very close connection to the place.
Somehow I don't think you'll succeed!

However, good luck to the place. If it even lives up to half the promise in your original attempt at marketing, it deserves to do well, and it's in a good spot for a cheap eatery hoping to pick up on the student trade.
I suggest you concentrate on the students and encourage them to spread the word. And make sure people realise it's something different - not just another bog-standard Chinese place. And please don't add to the deluge of crappy fliers that come through the letterboxes of us locals.

China is a different country to Vietnam you ignorant front bottom.

"And make sure people realise it's something different - not just another bog-standard Chinese place"
To most people, "different" to Chinese means something that isn't Chinese, does it not?

You really ought to learn how to read text properly before launching into inane attempts at abuse.

You are just making a bloody fool of yourself, acting like a third rate politician trying to alter the meaning of your original words, when the real meaning is explicitly clear.

Your original post was deserving of nothing less than abuse, it left me speechless that you could be so ignorant and cynical about what is clearly a well meant recommendation. Additionally it wasn't an innane attempt, it was and remains outright abuse directed at you for behaving like a clown and writing drivel to detract from a post with nothing but good and honest intentions.

Please feel free to reply, I can't see that you can get anymore stupid or try to spin any more of what you have written.

You bloody fool.

This is a textbook example of how stupid and angry you can make yourself appear when trying to show off by "correcting" something obvious that wasn't wrong in the first place!

The Pho Hoi An is thoroughly recommendable as a decent cheap place to eat, and thankfully people like this are not typical of its staff or customers.

So much rage, stemming from an inability to comprehend simple text.
If you had taken a bit more care in reading the original you wouldn’t have worked yourself up so much.

Sadly, the only person who is “writing drivel to detract” is you.
Do you really think anyone wouldn’t know the difference between China and Vietnam?
Maybe it’s something that you have only learnt about recently, and are keen to show off this (for you) piece of astounding knowledge,
But the rest of us don’t need to be spoon-fed such “facts” and can take them as read.

I fully understand that being so poorly informed might be a frustrating experience when faced with ideas more complicated than those that a 10 year old would understand, but it’s no excuse for bad manners.
Maybe you should take this opportunity to learn about your limitations and understand how to improve on them by taking lessons in comprehension.
Best of luck with that.

I don't know why I bothered! And FYI Vietnam is a different country to China....

Surbiton Road is the rather scruffy main road that turns into Penrhyn Road as you go from Surbiton to Kingston. It is a section of the A240 that starts at the junction with the Waggon & Horses/Assembly Rooms. When you get to the 'National Autocare' place, the main road turns into Penrhyn Road and Surbiton Road continues as a left turn down to the river.

It is not the area's finest location, but some of these 'B' areas can offer good cheaper restaurant options. The Cocoanut pub on Mill Street, for example is a bit of a walk from anywhere, but offers Thai food that rivals most in Kingston at quite a cheap price.

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