Not enough Shop Floor Staff in Kingston

7 years ago...

Why are there no shop floor staff in Wilko and hardly any in Marks and Spencer? Sometimes I need help!


im sure they will be happy to take CV's

Waitrose in Surbiton is the exact opposite - plenty of staff restocking shelves, but half the tills left unmanned at peak times leading to long queues. I wonder if they are having problems recruiting people to work for £8 an hour in an area where a 1 bed flat costs £350k to buy or over £1k a month to rent.

We are definitely heading for trouble in this regard, and I suppose it stands to reason that relatively expensive areas like this will start to notice it first.

I agree with your comments about Surbiton Waitrose, Anonymous, but I wouldn't say there are "plenty" of staff restocking the shelves.

The shelves in there appear to be being restocked, but there are often very few members of staff actually doing it.
There are always dozens of unattended and abandoned restocking trolleys dotted along each aisle making the experience of shopping feel like an Olympic Slalom event.

And as for getting through the tills - that is when you have to be prepared for the Marathon, the amount of time the queues take.

I never understand the concept of under staffing in places like Waitrose, especially where there is a large supply of student labour.

The minimal cost of employing 3-4 more staff members would surely be more than offset by extra profit made from people being prepared to shop there more often rather than preferring somewhere less busy.

Totally agree about the amount of restocking going on. This should be limited to only the really fastest moving lines during business hours with everything else done after closing. Again, it wouldn't cost that much more to do it, and would bring it much more into line with the premium shopping experience that Waitrose clearly like to believe the offer.

It may sound a bit tinfoil hat, but I think the understaffing of supermarket checkout queues is a deliberate strategy now.

If you slow down customers (despite the fact that it pisses them off) it results in them making more impulse buys and thus a greater volume of sales.
I know it's worked on me in Surbiton Waitrose - you go to the ordinary queues, get irritated by the wait time (especially when you are only trying to buy a few items) and then walk back through the shop to the automated tills near the front. Somehow, in the process of walking back through the shop your 4 items has turned into 7 or 8....

Waitrose have only just got in on this lark - Lidl are the past masters at it. If you go into a Lidl store, you will notice that whatever time of day or night it is (and however busy the shop is) you will *always* end up having to queue. And, of course you find yourself right next to their displays of impulse buys.
It's a good thing Lidl have such horrible unappetising stuff on their shelves, otherwise I'd spend a fortune every time I have the misfortune to find myself shopping in there.

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