Old Surbiton Schools

9 years ago...

Hello, does anybody remember two schools from the late 1950s Early 1960s ?

The first I went to was Hursley Preparatory School, run by a Mrs Kenney, I think this is now Hursley Court in Lovelace Gardens.

After that I went to St. Bernard's, I am not sure where this was but possibly along Hook Road as we lived off there and I used to walk home with my Mum or Grandad.

Any info on either school would be lovely as I remember so little and we moved away when I was eight.


I went to St. Bernard's (Hook Road, Surbiton) between 1952 and 1957. I well remember Miss Bolley and Miss Dixon (who taught me arithmetic). I have a school photo of the wall of my study and remember most of the names of the children in the picture (Susan, Gillian, twins Heather and .. . (cant remember the second twin's name), Fleur ... to name a few. My brother was one of only a few boys but like others moved on to Shrewsbury House in about 1956 or 1957. My parents had the impression that they accepted boys but didn't really like them. I remember being told, time and time again, at morning prayers, that we all needed to show grit. I wasn't sure what grit was at the time, but it's stayed with me. I'd love to hear from anyone who was there at the same time. I was born in 1947. contact me at: yesterday@aon.at. Judy

I went to StBernard's from 1957-to 1959 I remember Miss Gape in Kindergarten - a tall big-boned kind Dutch woman, I think., and the really wonderful Miss Spark - who has left a spark in me ever since. Miss Bolly was in charge then but they handed the school over when I think both Miss Bolley and Miss Spark had to go and look after elderly parents. Mrs Cornell and Mrs Russell took over and I liked it a lot less then. There were huge rhododendron bushes in the grounds, good for hiding in, and a great cook who provided two main course options and three puddings one of which was always rice pudding. the uniform was a brown tunic and a brown felt hat, abeige blouse with orange embroidery round the collar - very 1930s!

I was one of the (few) boys there from 1956 to 1958 - so did not wear quite the same uniform! I then moved to Shrewsbury House as did most (all?) boys at the age of 8. From your dates, therefore, we must at least have seen each other. Like you I remember Misses Bolley and Spark, also Mrs Huggins and Miss Dixon.

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