one way possible plans for Victoria Road

15 years ago...

I have heard that the council is planning to waste some of our crippling council tax on "consultants" to determine the viability or otherwise of turning Victoria Rd, into a one way road - an exercise predicated on a notion of road safety I believe. There is no “safety issue" as far as I am aware in Victoria Road. Cars go up and down it - there is parking available - and it is singularly easy to walk down and cross, now that there is a zebra crossing – evening the height of Saturday afternoon shopping. In fact the ONLY issue that I am aware of on this road which impacts quality of life and negates our safety are some of the anti-socialites of the YMCA who seem intent on threatening and mugging the hard working citizens of this great town. (Me included, recently). I digress. If the weight of our council tax cash lies so heavily on the council’s pockets, that they should be driven to such extremes to unburden that onerous load - surely a tax rebate would be more sensible. I think that a one-way setup for Victoria Road would be very wrong. Pointless in it's effect. Damnably expensive. And a complete waste of time. What do others think?


Making this a one way street would be great for those single mothers pushing their 3 kids sat side-by-side a lot easier to the penny shops

Victoria Road does seem pretty dangerous at times.
I don't know about any figures, but I've lived here 4 years and have seen three accidents on it.
I think its te mix of buses, commuters, cars trying to overtake vans, not seeing pedestrians, etc.

I've only ever seen one accident anywhere else (at the top of St Marks Hill).

I have driven along it many times this week and it is quite hopeless.The surface is sinking very badly and is so deep and uneven I would have thought both bikes and motor bikes could be in danger of falling off as they hit the areas.

The crossing by Woolies is a disaster as it is quite difficult to see with all the street furniture and folks dashing across between traffic,every time I use it some lorry/van is delivering and the bus has to execute a really difficult manoeuvre to get around the parked vehicle.

The exit from Sainsburys always causes problems as traffic turns left,right and goes straight ahead whilst the pedestrians and drivers try to figure out who is going where.

It seems to me that road deaths are unlikely but that minor injuries and collisions must occur daily.

The answer is to remove as much street furniture as possible,what is that useless computer info point thing anyway,does anyone ever use it.Make Sainsburys exit a turn left only,allow deliveries only between 2000 and 0700 and armco the road between the Zebra Crossings so that folks dont hurl themselves into the traffic.

Probably best to do nothing and allow the area to stagnate and become another "Broadway" wilderness.

(1) "Probably best to do nothing and allow the area to stagnate and become another "Broadway" wilderness" ? .. - how would that happen then exactly ?

(2) Has ANYBODY attempted circumnavigation of one way towns ? it is an insane nightmare. It doesn’t reduce the amount of traffic - or reduce the causation to "sinking roads" (whatever a “sinking” road might be? - same weight of traffic) - one way roads just cause rat runs, frustration, and wasted journeys as you actually have to travel further to get around. That means more pollution, stress etc. I would go so far as to say that one way roads are totally divisive.

(3) Just imagine that mayhem involved in carrying out this project let alone the resulting mess.

I have no axe to grind in all of this but instinctively I feel the road should remain bi directional. I would definitely endorse making it a 20 mph road – or less even. And add 2 or 3 more pedestrian crossings at least. Evenly spread along the street.

So you're saying the expert opinion of paid professionals is worthless and the council should listen to some bloke off the internet?

"Why fix something that isn't broke?"

Have you ever used preventative medicine?

There is nothing that requires "preventing".

I think you have a point,the paid professionals in Finance have made a complete lash up and the planners seem even more incompetent.

I would certainly back "the bloke off the internet" for he is now the tecno equivalent of "the man on the no 11 bus" and as we all know he is rarely wrong.Vote out the dire Lib/Dem cabal,sell the Rose and open up our streets again to traffic and commerce,you never know it might just save Surbiton from boarded up empty shops and tumbleweed rolling down Victoria Road.

If the greens have their way it will be pedestrianised,this council has no interest in keeping traffic flowing,just look at both the Ewell and Hook roads total disaster.King Charles Road plus bridge is getting crazier,a massive 40 tonner reversing back from the narrow bridge on Tuesday caused chaos.
Parking at the bottom of Raeburn near the Tower is farcical and with very wide verges could easily be widened to allow recessed parking
Surbiton Hill Park is becoming the route of choice from the A3 to Surbiton and Kingston due to the del;iberate obstructions along the Ewell Road.

Sadly Surbiton as a shopping area is doomed,if Woolies and the new Frock shop survive let alone the the Estate agents it will be a miracle.
New Maldens new road layout has all but crippled every retail outlet,until the L/Dems and the Reds at Tfl are expunged and funds reclaimed from the Rose by selling it off for low cost apartments nothing much will improve.

"a massive 40 tonner reversing back from the narrow bridge on Tuesday caused chaos."

Surely that's the fault of the moron driving, not the council.
It was raining today - was that the council's fault as well?

No,I expect that is caused by Global Warming,its supporters blame most weather on it.

The moronic driver was no doubt being guided by his poorly updated satnav,the curse of the map reading classes,abetted by the council and Tfl who have conspired to make the Ewell Road so unattractive to almost all vehicles.Hence KCR and Surb Hill Park are now the most popular routes from the A3 to both Kingston and Surbiton

If you try thinking ahead a decade or so it seems all right. Victoria Road gets more traffic as Surbiton gets more urban. Its at the limit of what it can take at the moment. 2 busses comming at each other can block it already. I already avoid it if driving. Claremont road would suffer though.

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