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Parking in a residents only parking space!

12 years ago...

I am constantly having my private parking space used by inconsiderate visitors to the area. Some of them refuse to move despite being asked. Anyone else have this problem?


I used to live in a Victorian conversion where the (large) back garden had been turned into a car park with several residents spaces, and several for visitors.

As soon as that part of Surbiton became a CPZ, people often used to routinely use the car park instead of paying 30p an hour to park in the empty spaces on the road.

This was not even in the town centre!

Sadly this does happen very frequently,I pay for a private parking bay in a garage and still folks use it on the basis that if it is empty "obviously" no one needs it.

The planners are mainly to blame by refusing to acknowledge that towns,shops,offices and hotels need parking.Just look at the new hotel and flats planned for the Skerne Road site,only 15 parking slots.

Nothing really excuses the rudeness and arrogance of those that steal your slot but many are simply driven crazy by the mad parking regs and lack of car parks.

Please do not attempt to argue with them as you are highly likely to be assaulted or even stabbed,especially if one was to read on their toes.

Good luck in protecting your slot.

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