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Past Surbiton

17 years ago...

Yes, I remember most of the places Warren mentioned in his posting.

When I was in my teens I worked a Saturday morning in a metal fabricating workshop for ten shillings. It was located off Victoria Road next to the railway wall.

Anyone free to visit Surbiton town centre tomorrow should, as the Surbiton Festival is on. The bunting and flags are already out! Fingers crossed for a dry day.

I move to Dorchester to live tomorrow so please let me know what is happening in the near future.

Anyone with an interest in Dorset and Dorchester should visit dorchesterdorsetshire. The site improves as I add links and a couple of pictures.

Bye Surbiton but I'll be thinking of you.

Best wishes to all.



Then there was that Russian stripper, Eva Vestoff.

Hello Sey_Cool,

The names you have mentioned are really funny. But
they are very strange and unfamiliar to me. Do you
know these people personally :)

What kind of people are they?

Sometimes it could happen that the name correspondents to the person and saying about
his / her inside world.

By the way do you have Funny Name also :))

See you

[quote="sey_cool"]Speaking of funny names, I work for an international shipping company.

Some of our technicians have the best names (I would put them inside Christmas crackers)

- Mamuka Akhaladze (Georgian)
- Jorge Bermal(Filipino)
- Guntis Leimanis (Latvian)
- Zaza Mokia (Russian)


(glad my surname isn't Pratt)[/quote]

No can't think of one except maybe in Surbiton Park Terrace. Does anyone know if it is still open and the name of the shop.

Speaking of funny names, I work for an international shipping company.

Some of our technicians have the best names (I would put them inside Christmas crackers)

- Mamuka Akhaladze (Georgian)
- Jorge Bermal(Filipino)
- Guntis Leimanis (Latvian)
- Zaza Mokia (Russian)


(glad my surname isn't Pratt)

I feel like crying :-( That was my fav. childhood shop at the weekends.. Are there ANY pet shops left in Surbiton?

Thanks for the info.

Business Opportunist

What a great name! Better than Smith or Jones. Mind you lot to be said for
Smith or Jones as a name if you want to deny responsibility!

No, the Pet Shop (Surbiton Aquarium) went about three years ago. My nephews loved buying snakes there. It was there for many years and a great place to just window shop. Now there is a shop there selling wood flooring products.


Surbiton Celebrities:

Currently of course, Art Malik.

Past ones include Mike Batt (of Wombles fame), and Sally James.

Both lived in Langley Avenue.

Angela Rumbold, the former MP lives in Surbiton too and was quite often seen by myself shopping in the High Street.

This is a true fact:

Back in the early seventies, my father had a friend in the film industry who lived a couple of houses from the antique shop next to the Black Lion in Maple Road.

This friend was also a close friend of Richard Burton, and the two of them had a 'session' in the Black Lion !!!!!!!.

So that is Surbiton's brush with Hollywood !!!!!.

Does anyone remember the Kingston Borough News offices in Claremont Road, which is now (or maybe not) a photographers.

And Gascoigne-Pees estate agents ?.


The Surbiton Festival:

It's that time again..................;,

Do they still have the parade that goes along Maple Road with the old vehicles and bands ?.

Does anyone remember the ODEON Cinema when it was the Sapphire Carpet Warehouse in the mid-seventies ?.

It didn't last long before it was forced into liquidation I believe.

I also remember Natalie the toy shop next to Sainsburys which became a tanning shop.

Talking of Tor Toys, I bought a pet tortoise 32 years ago from Surbiton Aquaria which is still well and truely full of life !!!!.

Can somebody refresh my memory and tell what the new Marks & Spencers in the high has replaced ?.

Famous celebrities:

Does anyone remember seeing Ian Carmichael, the actor who used to appear in comedies, including Fawlty Towers and the Benny Hill Show, who used to live in Berrylands ?.

Back with some more memories very soon !!!!!.



Surbiton has a festival? I'm impressed! Does anyone know of events happening during the day?

Missing Surbiton

Sally James lived in Southborough Road, not Langley Avenue

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