Pigeon fouling Brighton Road railway bridge

14 years ago...

Edward Davey MP
Constituency Office
21 Berrylands Road

Dear Mr Davey,

Pigeon fouling Brighton Road railway bridge

For many years, pigeons have been roosting amongst the cross member iron girders.

This has meant that faeces have piled up on the girders, peppered the road and splattered over the pavements.

To get to and from work, I walk under this bridge twice a day. Indeed, over the last twelve months I have failed to dodge descending dung four times with disgusting results.

This must be a health hazard let alone a safety issue which some authority ought to address.

I have telephoned the Royal Borough of Kingston Council’s Environmental Health team who showed little interest and fobbed me off stating it was the responsibility of Network Rail. Network Rail told me that it is the Council’s responsibility.

In my ideal world, I would like you to look at the situation and, if you feel I have a case, pursue it on my behalf. However, if this is not possible, could you let me know which body has the responsibility for the well being of the area on and around this bridge so that I may chase them up.

Yours sincerely,


Thanks for the posting. We thought you and others might also be interested in the FixMyStreet project.

FixMyStreet is a national website to help people report, view or discuss local problems they've found to their local council. Basically you go to the FixMyStreet site and pinpoint a problem on a map and make a complaint that gets passed on to the appropriate authorities.

Surbiton.com has linked up with their data to create this special Surbiton page, but you can go there directly or even use a special iPhone app to submit photos.

Definitely worth checking out if you want to report a problem wherever you are in the UK.

Really good letter, well written! The offer of doing the chasing up if he can just let you know who is responsible is a nice move..... bets of luck with getting somewhere!

I have exactly the same problem, its disgusting. The whole bridge is an eyesore and the billboards underneath are constantly peeling or covered in illegal bills

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