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PLEASE HELP - our cat has gone missing in Surbiton/Tolworth

10 years ago...


I was hoping someone on here might be able to help.

Our black and white male cat has been missing from the Verona Drive area of Surbiton/Tolworth since Thursday 11th February. He's really friendly, but it's very out of character for his to just disappear like this.

Has anyone reading this seen him. When we last saw him, he was wearing his black 'Staywell' collar with a magnetic mouse on it. He has a predominantly black face (white white bits around the mouth/nose), white legs/paws and white belly.

If you do live around the area, please check your sheds, garages, cupboards, etc for him, as he might have snuck in by mistake.

Please let me know if you have any information about his whereabouts, as he is desperately missed.

You can see a picture of him on our post here:

Thanks very much.


I just wanted to update this thread with the good news that we have found Smudge. He was indeed the cat stuck up the tree, and we are very pleased to have him home!

ivery m glad to hear you got your cat back, we lost our bengal cat in ditton road surbiton fir 2 days and thankfully after putting posters up he was found around 15 doors away lost

What a happy ending!

Just one thing: when you get your errant pets back, please go round and take down any posters you might've put up...

I've been round and taken down all the posters (well, I believe I have, I hope I haven't missed any!). If you're referring to a specific poster you've seen that I've not removed, please let me know and I'll come and take it down.

please call me.. there is a cat stuck in a tree at the end of my garden which has been there for 5 days.. it fits the description of yours.. maybe worth a look?? 07949596167 many thanks x

I live in Berrylands and have noticed a great many posters on trees etc imploring people to look for pet cats,so it certainly seems to be a growing problem.

Sadly there is a brisk trade in pets these days,dogs are usually preferred as they eat well and cats fur is used for many puposes but mainly for gloves.

um, thanks, that's made me feel so much better about losing my cat. i trust that you've never lost a pet, else you might realise that such a comment, however true it may/may not be, is not necessarily the best thing to post on a thread asking people for help/information about finding a much loved missing member of the family.

oh how very worrying I don't live near Verona Drive but will keep and eye out.

thank you. we don't know where he's gone, so he might have wandered further away from our flat, who knows? we've put up some posters around the area, and will be putting up more today and tomorrow. please do spread the word to anyone you know around surbiton/tolworth (and probably even hook aswell, in case he was crazy enough to cross the a3!).

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