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Portsmouth Road

11 years ago...

I see that finally, after many, many years, the boards surrounding the old petrol station on the Portsmouth Road between Surbiton and Kingston have been taken down. Does anyone have any idea what is being planned for the site?


By the way, it's for sale if any of you are interested. Top of the list on this page:

Only 2.6 million quid. (for now...)

Not another one. How many of these places does one area need? We have one on King Charles Road where the old Kia garage used to be. It looks terrible (mind you not as bad as the estate behind it).

I am sure that this one will be successful on this busy road as it will attract people on their way back to Esher or Weybridge after a days' shopping in Kingston. They probably would not know where all of the others are.

Still no excuse to give it planning permission, though. These should be confined to industrial areas, not in residential areas where the neighbours are not going to be able to open their windows in the summer without being disturbed by all of the noise.

Thankfully, this looks like it will only be temporary. This type of business is usually situated on an industrial estate or supermarket car park. I am sure the residents of this reasonably expensive riverside area will be delighted to have one on their doorstep. It is better than the boards, I suppose!

This serves the owners of this site right for being greedy. As far as I know, there were plans to build 6 3 bed semi-detached houses on this site. Sounds a sensible idea, until you find out that they wanted to sell the plot for £3m - £500k PLUS BUILD COSTS for each semi with a tiny garden on a very busy road. Fair enough, it is on the river, but this is Kingston not Chelsea riverside.

I guess that the plot on Maple Road that is currently surrounded by boards will be next - another one bought by an idiot developer who can now not afford to build on it.

Thanks for the info!

Nothing exciting I'm afraid. RBK site says 'Use of site as Car Wash and Car Sales':

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