Power Cut (again!)

14 years ago...

Yet again there was another power cut today affecting a large number of houses in the berrylands, starting at 08:15 and ending around 19:35. Thats more than 11 hours without power, beating their last record (a few months ago) of 10 hours without power.

I spotted an "EDF Energy" van parked outside a house in the evening which I assumed was fixing the power outage, not sure if he was there all day or just turned up 11 hours later, either way its a very poor service response time.

Lucky for me I am soon moving out of this area and wont have to deal with this problem happening again, but if this happens again (most likely),
you can call the EDF Energy emergency helpine, details are on their website -- http://www.edfenergy.com/safety-emergencies/what-to-do-emergency/index.s...


EDF said were on the case at 0915 but unable to give an estimated time for restoring power.
1300 said on the case but no news
1600 said on the case,tree cutting required to enable engineers to work on main cable.
1730 EDF engineer turns up at the RIDINGS sub station,lifts grey lid on transformer thingy,gets on his moby and leaves.
1830 ish engineer/s return poke about with torches and whoo hoo power back at 1935 ish.

Now this is at least the 3rd outage in a year and the second of around 12 hours,every time it is fixed within an hour or so of the visit to the RIDINGS Sub station so why dont they just pile in the van and go there first?

This sub station is up an alleyway between Surb Hill Park and the Ridings,with the entrance in SH Park so not easy to find...but has the sat nav file and the EDF master file and the OS maps all been redacted and thus it takes them 12 hours to find it?

Course EDF are French that may explain a lot.

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