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Power outages

10 years ago...

Once again an outage on Sunday night in Berrylands area gfor around 10 hours,usual sub station suspect between The Ridings and Surb Hill Park seems to be at fault,although no workers seemed to be at the site for a very long time.This may be because it is secreted up an alley off S/H/Park and the sat navs cannot find it.
Just what is going on in the whole of Surbiton?

We seem to have outages almost weekly somewhere in the borough,just like the 3 day week we will all be back to the good old wartime spirit soon,could this be the sinister reason behind these outages:New Labour wants us to forget the current disasters it inflicts on us and a good old community crisis ticks all the boxes for "diversity and inclusion".

Will we soon have an outage Czar?


Back to EDF and the power outages.
Apparantly EDF said that there was a lack of supply in parts of the Berrylands area last Sunday,as I had no power for 10 hours a lack of supply was rather obvious.
What puzzles me is that it took several hours for EDF to find and sort the sub station in Surb Hill Pk,as this is at least the second time this year this site has failed.

Not to mention the horrendous off-balance-sheet PFI debts. I am no Labour apologiser, but generally people are better off now than they were. For example, a lot of people benefited from the ridiculous property market.

The country's finances are not in good shape, that is true. The Conservatives - I think I'm right in saying - favour even less regulation of the banks so in theory the mess could have been even greater. Although, I also think that there's no way in which the UK could have insulated itself from the tribulations of the world economy... which is not to say our actions didn't contribute to the mess.

There are worse options than "Dave",mind you I cant think of many apart from that Griffin bloke.

What's wrong with diversity and inclusion?

Here in Surbiton Hill Park we've not experienced any outages since the spate of them right at the start of 2009 but I did see the recent report in the Informer. I doubt it's a New Labour scheme; more likely to be the Tories behind it, in order to make us believe it's a New Labour scheme. It's the kind of negative campaigning they're known for. God help us all when DC is PM.

Its a typical Labour disaster again! Just like the the state of the economy. Cant wait to get rid of the Scottish windbag!

Eh? The economy was doing pretty well for ten years under Labour.

mmm,the destruction of Final Salary pensions,the dilution of private pensions by withdrawing tax priveliges on dividends,this also hit PEP/ISA holders.
The sale of a large part of our Gold reserve at around $230 p/oz now$1000 p/oz.
The total lack of of oversight on irresponsible lending,and i am thinking about personal credit card debt here.
The total failure to recognise that Investment Banks were buying and selling instruments that no one,least of all the creators,understood.
The false high employment figures distorted by ramping up the public sector and disguising the jobless figures by manipulating the long term and disability figures.
The reckless endangerment and gross negligence in neglecting the Savings Industry.

Frankly the list is almost endless and Mr Brown will be seen as the most imprudent Chancellor of all time.
Regardless of who becomes Chancellor in 2010 the country will carry the burden of New Labours hopeless efforts in every single Ministry for at least the next 20 years.

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