Problems with pigeons

15 years ago...

Surbiton is been attacked by flocks of pigeons!!!
If you walk under the railway bride near the YMCA beware ... you are likely to be hit by pigeon poo.
I have asked the council to sort this out but they are not interested
This must be a health hazard!! There is also a rather strange man walking up the high street at 5.30am feeding the vermin...


I've lived in Surbiton for 22 years and walked under that bridge most days and have not once been hit by pigeon poo! And they didn't always have the spikes there to prevent them landing there. Perhaps I'm just lucky though...

I thought it was good luck to have a bird 'hit' you!

I blame the residents of the YMCA. Them, and Gary Glitter.


A steady hand,a true eye and an Air Rifle would solve the problem in no time and provide Pigeon Pie.

You can see the complaint raised here ..


Its not the Council's responsibility - It's Network Rail's.

A quick google comes up with the following

1. The Council is not statutorily obliged to but may require an owner or occupier where a nuisance results from nesting fronting the highway to take appropriate action to prevent further nuisance. Section 9 of the London Local Authorities Act 2004 relates to the prevention of nuisance from birds. If in the opinion of the Council the habitual nesting, roosting or alighting of birds on any part of a building or structure (including a bridge) fronting upon, crossing or overhanging a highway in the area of the Council is a source of nuisance to pedestrians using that highway, the council may serve a notice under this section upon the owner or occupier of the building or structure to install bird proofing measures.

2. Such works may require special safety procedures involving temporary track closures which require co-ordination with other activities in order to avoid excessive costs and disruption. This would require, prior to serving a notice, full consultation with the owner.

3. Any notice must give a minimum of 28 days to the owner occupier to take the required protective action. In the case of the rail operators they have the right within that period to put forward their alternative proposals and unless the Council issues a counter notice within a further 28 day period the operators proposals will be applicable. If they fail to implement the agreed solution the Council can carry out the works in default and recharge the cost to the owner/occupier/operator.

4. The CoP suggests that all parties should act so that bird proofing is installed through partnership working as soon as possible following the identification of a nuisance. A notice under section 9 of the 2004 Act should be issued only as a last resort.

You can email environemntal health directly at, rather than use a third party site.

I have been in contact with Network Rail and they have informed me that RBK took over responsibility for maintenance some years ago. So over to the Council…

"Its not the Council's responsibility - It's Network Rail's"

We pay the council, so let the council do the job of contacting Network Rail

3rd party sites like fixmystreet are effective as complaints are publicly visual and progress from the complainant is highlighted, therefore the council will be deemed to respond and resolve

Send an email to environment services, you will get a standard template response !

Meanwhile .. where's that rifle!

"I have asked the council to sort this out but they are not interested"

Anony, what part of that sentence did you NOT understand

Contact the council environmental health.
I think its Network Rail's responsibility to prevent pigeons, but informing the EH department will give extra clout.

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