Raven’s Ait International Eco-Conference Centre

14 years ago...

Raven’s Ait International Eco-Conference Centre

Guided tours, talks, activities and workshops
You are welcome to visit every day between 12am to 7pm
Mondays – Ravens Ait Island Project Meeting – 7pm
Wednesdays – Community Talking Circle – 8pm start
Tuesdays – Music Jam – 6pm to 10pm
Saturdays – Yoga 11.30a.m.
Eco Cinema – 7pm start
Sundays – Picnic 2pm in the garden

Due to the need for urgent environmental action, we have set up an eco conference centre on an island in the Thames. In these times of rising tides, changing weather & melting ice shelves we need all groups to cooperate & take action for a sustainable 21st century. (Ref: Agenda 21 - Rio Earth Summit-www.un.org/esa/sustdev/documents/agenda21/english/agenda21toc.htm. This was signed by 179 countries as a sustainability blueprint and has not been fully implemented; this is why we must take action). The Treaty of Lambeth (Kingston) was signed here in 1217.

Ravens Ait Island is for community groups/ workshop spaces, kitchens, & garden spaces. Located on an enchanting island in the Thames near Kingston. We are transforming this island into an eco community / conference centre. There is an on-going discussion here “What are the SOLUTIONS to the environmentally critical situation we & our children face? And, how do we implement them locally and globally?”
There are lots of ways in which you can get involved & show your support; talking with others/ networking the centre, produce your own workshop/ talk/ presentation, come and help tidy and make the space, ring and write to the local media.

The council need to know that the local community and beyond are right behind this project and are ready to demonstrate their solidarity with those eager to keep this island as a productive eco community centre for all. Just one phone call, letter or e-mail from you to ensure that this wonderful space is saved for community use. Send a copy to: saveravensait.org.uk@googlemail.com

For a guided tour, more info on activities or to schedule an event, workshop, please call: Nick 079646729222, Phoenix 07769791387, Rick 07791042078 or Camilla 07900800055.
Check out our website www.ravensait.org.uk or www.circlecommunity.org for latest updates, events and videos and to see our proposal to the council. You can also join our face book group: Ravens Ait


Support the vision for Raven’s Ait as an eco community space, where we as a collective can put into practice the concepts of sustainable living, permaculture, skills sharing, workshops and providing a community space for groups to meet and network, then PLEASE take five minutes to let the council know how you feel. They do not know if you do not tell them.

CALL: Bruce McDonald, Chief Executive Kingston Council: 0208 547 5151
CLLR Derek Osborne, Leader of Liberal Democrats: 02085475141
E-MAIL: bruce.mcdonald@rbk.kingston.gov.uk
WRITE: The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Guildhall, High Street,
Kingston upon Thames KT1 1EU


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the contributors to the Raven's Ait threads, positive & negative, for making this issue the most talked about event to happen in Surbiton for along time. Some people have completely missed the point of this direct action which has been taken in protest at the local councils intention to sell off this public land to a private consortium in an under the table deal that was done in principle, behind closed doors and out of the public eye. Some interested parties have no regard for the facts of this case and are clearly only interested in lining their own pockets and abusing their percieved power.
As a result of their biggotry and greed, this is now a matter of national interest.
Well done to everyone involved, especially Richard.
We could not have done this without you.

Very interesting reading some of the comments on here and too many elsewhere. Some of it valid, some of it just plain down right hillarious. Could someone explain how the rising sea levels and effects on the tides are going to be monitored of a non tidal part of the river where the level is wholy controlled by the EA, classic. Suggest you try the otherside of Richmond Half Lock.

How anyone can see that this occupation is anything other than illegal and tresspassing is wrong. Sooner they are gone the better. Come on RBK and the Police, do what we pay for.

what is criminal would be for RBK to leave the place (like so many others) vacant and for it to go to rack and ruin

I wish you all well and will hopefully pop along sometime soon,

From what I read a creative use of the land, and maintaining upkeep whilst vacant, whilst providing information / community spirit / and a meeting place - as it is I guess legally 'owned' by RBK it is effectivley our space, and isnt an individuals home / land

And for one - If I choose to go over and suffer a mishap / accident - isnt that my responsibilty as an adult who makes choices?
I dont not have to go, as long as it is made aware that they do not have whatever 'insurance' you can then make the choice to go or not.... or am I missing something - is it a good way of side tracking this thread from what it was origionally posted for?

I just spotted this on the BBC site:

A whole island dedicated for healing for people and planet, set in the river Thames - Raven's Ait

Familly vibes, we welcome friends of all ages, there are activities for grown up and sensibly small children.


We will be open on Saturday midday - midnight
and Sunday 11am - 11pm

There will be lots of healing therapies on offer including:

cranio osteopathy
thai yoga massage
shamanic healing
digeridoo sound healing
theta healing
swedish massage
bodymind touch therapy
vibrational healing
harmonic healing
...all available for a fair donation

plus workshops in
bates eye therapy
emotional release techniques
mind mapping
alchemical ceremony
sacred global songs and ley singing
interactive art
poi spinning
drama games
creative craftiness
walking well
and more

Saturday-4pm Orchid Star play live with orgasmic soundscapes...lots of jamming and open expression will also be had throughout the time...

Healing Cinema - showing alternative health education:
MMS video with talk and info
HIV/AIDS- fact or fraud
Liquid Crystal Vision

and also... large healing space, balcony with stunning views to Hampton Court, Kids area, Faerie Garden
Ceremony and Love, Evening Fires

This is a donations event, where all procedes will go towards to sustainability of Raven's Ait community centre.

One love
Savour Ravens Ait
Sharing this

Sapphire8 recently mentioned the following activities were available on ravens ait, from the illegal squatters.

shamanic healing
digeridoo sound healing
theta healing
harmonic healing
...all available for a fair donation

emotional release techniques
alchemical ceremony
sacred global songs and ley singing

These (a bit airy fairy!) non scientific new age ideas.

What do these activities have to do with the purported claims of the squatter group, who say they wish to heal the earth and
encourage a 'university' on the island?

I think that these people are quite mixed up in their stated aims, if they mix science and non scientific mumbo jumbo like this.

By all means practice these activities, but don't expect to be taken seriously on scientific matters if you do.
Certainly, the squatters claim to establish a 'University' on the island is spurious.

Can the illegal squatter please advise of the scientists you have claimed will be coming to your squat, in order that we can decide whether they are worth listening to?

Can the island squatters please advise on how EXACTLY you recycle the non biodegradable waste?
Were does it go? Who do you pay for this service?
I ask as i might wish to use these services in the future.

Thanks in advance for your kind reply to these queries.


It must be returned immediately to its rightful owner,who can then deploy its undoubted attractions and resources to generating cash for the Councils coffers and thus mitigate any potential council tax rises which may arise due to the occupation.

The wilful misconduct of a few cannot be allowed to prevail,the rule of law must be upheld.

"potential council tax rises which may arise due to the occupation"???

The US government is having to find a massive amount of money for something it never realise it needed - cost to upkeep thousands of empty houses. Empty property begins to deteriorate as soon as it is vacated. From what i've seen on Raven's Ait, the original damgage has been repaired. I'ts also a lot cleaner than the state left by the previous, illegal occupants. If any one knows where they are, there is now a reward for their address. If anyone knows of others who are owed money, please leave details here. Ta.


If you are worried about the international politico-corporate-miltary complex and how to overcome it, you are on the wrong thread.

This thread is about a bunch of squatters illegally camped on an island which is property of the council, it is not an international eco-conference centre....

How these people repair the property is irrelevant, it is not their property.

If these squatters are genuine, they should protest outside those establishments they oppose, or organise rallies/meetings in suitable places

Arise Sir Bloodaxe,

Its rightful owner is the RBK, no other viable usage has yet to offered for this Common Land. This Islanders, various Local Community groups and the Council are currently in negotiations over this Lands future usage.
Your council tax cannot rise any higher than it already has, unless of course you actively support a forceful and costly eviction, in which case YOU will be responsible for the additional rise in council tax. These caretakers, in the interim period, are actually saving the council money, up to £5,000 a week, therefore helping to prevent any unneccesary increases in council tax.

I agree with you last point about the wilful misconduct of a few, have you heard of Natural Law?

Correct, the rightful owners are RBK, not a bunch of crusties, so off you go Sapphire8 and friends.

As for saying that you are 'caretakers' and that you are actually saving us council tax money - what a load of rubbish.

Once you are finally all evicted, which I sincerely hope will be sooner rather than later and with as little publicity as possible for your 'cause' who do you think is going to have to pay for all the damage caused by these 'caretakers'?

Having been on the Island when it was trading as a venue and more recently since the crusty invasion I can safely say that the buildings and gardens on the Island have been hugely damaged by these 'caretakers'. Are you going to pay for the damage to be put right to save us poor council tax payers yet more money?

Thought not.

I agree - get off that land. They should send the police in and clear the site. This is theft. GET OUT NOW

All these events are fine and dandy. I expect you will receive many visitors. But something concerns me about the ferrying of these visitors. Do you have Public Liability Insurance? The cover should begin from at least £1,000,000. You cannot afford one accident without this cover. It's no good thinking that 'free spirits' like yourself don't require this insurance, because you have named yourselves on your various websites. You see unlike a lot of your critics I am honest with you. I don't agree with your occupation of the Ait, but it is clear by the quoting of treaties & summit agreements that you are not stupid. Check out the Public Liability.....get your 'backer' to confirm this :-)

Why on earth would they have public liability insurance? If someone dies or is injured on the way over to the Ait, they will expect someone else to pay, just as they do for everything else.

I am sure that when they start trading as a Ltd company they will attend to this matter. As for the previous tenants, they had disclaimers up all over the place so I doubt that they had the proper insurance, oh but the way incase you forgot, they did a runner with everyones money and didn't pay their taxes.

Hello Sapphire8, I'm certain you will agree with me that there have been quite a few negative comments and accusations made towards the 'Islanders.' I'm also certain that if you or any of the Islanders had evidence of any wrong doing by the previous owners you would present it to the Police, Inland Revenue etc. Myself I am always open to factual statements and in return I will state my concerns such as my previous CRB & Public Liability comments.

"Primus inter Pares!"

We'll leave that to the professsionals and the commitee that has been set up to oversee the administration process. Incase you didn't already know, it is common knowledge that the previous "tenants" Raven's Ait Ltd/Harto Ltd, left alot of debtors, the largest being the RBK who are the owners/freeholders/custodian. The negative comments and accusastions made towards the Islanders, we will leave to the small-minded bigot/s and those greedy few with a dubious financial interest in this historic piece of "common" land.

"Common" shared by all; belonging to the whole community.

"Primus inter Pares!" in your case I'm certain refers to Chairmen/chairwomen/chair.

In many private parliamentary bodies, such as clubs, boards, educational faculty, and committees, the officer or member who holds the position of chair or chairman is often regarded as a "first among equals." That is, while most rules of order will grant the chair special powers within the context of a meeting, the position of chair is usually temporary, rotating, and powerless in other contexts, making the occupant merely a temporary leader required to instil order. This is the case for mayors under a council-manager government, as the "mayor" has the same vote as all other council members and cannot override them, although their opinion may have more sway among other members.

Environmental Parliament @ Ravens Ait Island Environmental Community Conference and Debate Centre,


The Arctic Ocean - Debate & Consensus - Geo action

Sunday 26th of April 2009 at 3pm
Ravens Ait Island

The historic Island for meetings & Treaties since 1217 and now itself a community to defend the environment and continue this historic purpose.


1)What are the 5 top issues and tipping points for the oceanic arctic environment?

2)What is real and meaningful in environmental action for the arctic oceans.

3)What does and does not cause warming and acidification of the oceans.

4)What is the Truth about the oceanic ecosystem: What, where, when, why, how and who?

5)Geoscience & Geoengineering Solutions.... a)Focus on oceanic acidification and warming. b)Adress the plight of the Arctic oceans. c) What are the programmes of Governments and the UN? d) Is there any agenda item for the Copenhagen meetings about the arctic oceans? e)What are the most effective oceanic geoengineering and geoscience schemes?

Introduced and moderated by Pano Kroko, founder of the Environmental Parliament.

www.environmentalparliament.org {Invitation to join the EcoParliament Network}

panokroko@gmail.com Tel 07952761480

All major Environmental Organizations have been invited to participate in the debate.

Raven’s Ait -Portsmouth Road - Kingston upon Thames, KT6 4HN
Rail overground Kingston or Surbiton (both on the South side of the river)
From Kingston head to the river and walk down the towpath (or get a 465 bus down Portsmouth rd which is beside the river and get off as soon as the 465 goes off Portsmouth Rd)
And you will see the island about 15 mins walk down river - or 5 mins from the bus stop.
Stand at the boat wharf opposite the island & shout or wave - the water is only 40 yards wide, and the super magic water carpet boat will arrive for you.
From Surbiton: Head to the river walk. Read local map at the station.

http://www.environmentalparliament.org {Invitation to join the Parliament Network}


Environmental Parliament

The inaugural debate of Easter Sunday 12th of April, 2009 reached Consensus on the top five issues facing the planet, the people and the environment.
We convened, debated and agreed that the top issues facing all of us are: 1) Deforestation 2) Despeciation 3) Human caused climate change 4) Oceans & water 5) Energy & Carbon Economies

Consensus - Geo action and further debate is centered around these subcategories: a) Habitat destruction - deforestation - despeciation. b) Agriculture & Soil erosion, salinization, desertification, loss of fertility. c) Overpopulation and increased per capita impact on the environment. d) Water management e) Buildup of Toxins in the environment f) Ocean acidity, warming, salinity, carbon sinks, pollution & overfishing. g) Earth's photosynthesis and energy. h) Human caused climate change reversal.

Pano Kroko
Satori Social Ventures llc,
Billion People NGO, Bphone ltd,

'True Compassion does not come from wanting to help out those less fortunate than ourselves,
but from realizing our kinship, our brotherhood and our common destiny with the others. The others who are less fortunate,
the different ones, the strangers, those suffering or even simply those who are down on their luck.' Yours, Pano

Overpopuation is already a massive problem but surely no still believes in "Global Warming" and thus the Oceans rising by many feet?
Sadly the Ait is not tidal so if the apocalypse comes it will still be above water.

C.R.E Ait, COMMUNITY, RECREACTION AND EDUCATION by the peolpe for the people, coming to an island near you soon.

Still shouting....and because of that i shall no longer chat with you from today on

look forward to reading your rants towards other unfortunates who attempt to engage with you though ;-)

GOOD RIDDANCE setantaclaus
Pretty lame contributions anyway.
i feel sorry for the bar staff at the Vic, but at least they get paid to listen to you
Bye, bye, fare thee well

Good riddance to you Sapphire8. In future ..DO NOT BREAK THE LAW ! Be a good citizen or you will be jailed.

What laws have I broken? Is there a law against caring about your local community?
I am certainly not guilty of cowardice, anoyingmouse, setanta, santasclaus.
As I reside on Maple Road, I will not be going anywhere.
As a Licencee I know all about social responsibilies, B.O.B.B. the problems of drink driving and that some regular pub goers have little regard for the safety of others.
I find your idle threats tiresome setanta, fortunately for you, I am a good citizen.
Get a job, get a girlfriend and get a life mate.

Oh dear, clearly we’re now seeing the 'sour' side of the so called 'eco warriors' spokesperson. How sad for you to embarrass your group and their ‘cause’ to the absolute bitter end. Dignity and respect? lost!

? This is my nice side,
Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry, then i turn really green, lol.
This is just the begining, so get used to it or leave town now.

I take it then you were (for want of a word) the 'being’ dressed in green on Friday afternoon, one of several sat on that dog waste patch of green, looking lost and desperately seeking direction only for folks to smirk as they walked past

Answers on a post card please to Project Mgr, planned runway 2, Gatwick airport, Oh btw, bye bye!

I think that they had better be very careful, in that case. The previous owners may have been underhand, but they would have taken legal advice on the positioning and type of signage to use to minimise their own liability.

I know that these eco-warriors think that they are above the law. They are in most respects, but could still fall foul of the Health & Safety and compensation legislation that has taken over this country in the last decade.

Dear Anonymous,
Lets just hope that compensation is paid out to the wedding couples, various local groups and the RBK council, all of whom lost large amounts of money when the previous tenants legged it. As you seem so familiar with the ins and outs of the previous failed business, perhaps you have a fowarding address for Keith & Carol Wharthog and if so you might consider assisting the Met Police and the Serious Fraud Squad with their enquiries.
I thank you for your continued interest in this case,
Yours sincerely

Unfortunately, I don't have any details that would help in that case. Believe me, I would love to see the owners of that business brought to account for the people that they ripped off.

What they did was much more serious than what the eco-warriors are doing, but it still does not excuse them for inviting people over to the island with no insurance to cover them in the event of loss or injury.

This could be a moot point anyway - the eco warriors may have purchased this insurance for all we know (there is a first time for everything!)

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