Regency Bookshop — a real gem

14 years ago...

Not many small towns can boast their own independent bookshop these days. But in Surbiton we're lucky to have The Regency Bookshop on Victoria Road. OK, it can't compete with the likes of Borders or Waterstones in terms of stock, but the owners are extremely friendly and knowledgeable and can order most books for next day collection. Many's the time I've spent the odd hour browsing the shelves only to find just the book I was looking for; sometimes less is more. I have no connection with the shop what's so ever, but I'd urge locals to use the shop as much as possible. It would be a crying shame if we lost it.


Shops like the Regency Book Shop in Surbiton are well worth preserving and as someone else has already remarked in this comment page, Surbiton could really do with more small independents. Particularly a shop that sells hardware like Robert Dyas since the Woolworth Store has closed.
Not everyone has the time or inclination to visit Kingston for everyday or general requirements.

I have used the Regency Book shop since 1979 when I won a book token from my Seconadary school Fleetwood for a merit prize. I purchased Mary Berry's home baking and still have the book. Now buy my children's books there ! really lovely shop, if only Surbiton could have more independent shops and less chain coffee places, wishful thinking !!!

Hey been looking at this site for ages now and decided i should sign up and spread the word!

I'm simon :)

(please move this if its in the wrong place and bare with me, I'm new!)

The lady who owned and ran the shop, Kira, sadly died last month. Let's hope the shop continues to exist, it's terrific.

Very sad to hear of anothers passing.

Indeed, a great asset to Surbiton.

I feel very lucky that we have an independent bookshop in Surbiton and I do use it. I only hope it continues to get supported and that it won't end closing or being taken over by the big boys eg Waterstones who have made bookshops dull and samey.

And before any of our anonymous friends start, I am not the owner and I am not connected to it in any way other than as a customer.

I agree totally. I have bought a few books in there over the years, and I hope it retains enough support to keep going.

I second this,

Forget Amazon, support local businesses who support the local community by providing local jobs and services.
It's great to see small businesses supported by locals. These businesses are run by hard working individuals, often families, who are integral to the locality. Better these than faceless organisations.

These are essential as well as they keep the economy afloat, paying local taxes and rates etc, rather than offshore businesses (and black marketeers).

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