Regulating or closing down the YMCA

14 years ago...

The comments on this site back up my own opinion of Surbiton - a great place to live with one major problem - the YMCA.

I seems to me that virtually all of the 'low and mid level' crime in the town centre originates with the inmates of this centre. Whenever I see anyone who looks slightly dodgy in Surbiton, you can guarantee that the next time I see them they will be coming in or out of the YMCA (or the back of a police van).

The problem is that other Surbiton residents are not happy to walk back from the station on their own in case they encounter someone from the YMCA. I often worry about inviting people from outside of the area for an evening in Surbiton for the same reason. This would be ok if we lived somewhere closer in to London, and the disturbances came from a number of sources, but almost every problem in Surbiton seems to originate in the same place.

The rambling post was prompted by an article in today's Evening Standard newspaper, showing two girls being bottled by a man in the Surbiton station subway. Unsuprisingly, the man was later caught in the YMCA.

Is there anyway that we can lobby the council to either close down the YMCA or to regulate it more closely so only a limited number of inmates at any one time are allowed to come from high risk groups?

Any ideas?


I don't know what can be done, but I would support any move to close it down.

The original author of this topic has got some details incorrect. The 'bottle man' at Surbiton Station was of 'No fixed Abode' and went to the YMCA to enquire about using internet facilities. The staff thought he was acting suspiciously and called the Police, which led to his arrest. We should be thanking the YMCA for their assistance with this, not blaming them!

The YMCA do some great work with children, young people, disabled groups and senior citizens (some of whom would be very lonely if it were not for the activities it runs for them). Let's not forget all the positive work the YMCA does for our local community!

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