Reliable Minicab?

10 years ago...

Can someone please recommend a reliable mini cab firm in the Surbiton area, who can collect from airports on time, and wait with a placard at Arrivals? Thanks all !


Sorry to post this twice, but I think it is worth if it saves someone here from being ripped off:

I have been using Surbiton Town Cars for quite some time now without any problems.

This weekend I used them for a journey that I do quite often and it normally costs about £40. Last night, the driver decided that it was going to be more than double that. I didn't mind too much because he agreed to come and pick us up and do the return journey at quite a late hour.

He turned up on time and got us back quickly, but then asked for the same amount again! So, in total he was expecting to be paid £180 instead of £80 for the round trip!

We had been at a Christmas party so I expect he thought we'd be too drunk to notice! We weren't, and a swift call to the office sorted it out.

I expect that this was the actions of a rogue driver rather than the firm themselves, but it is worth watching out if you do use them.

I always use travel sure cars 0208 399 0399, they have always been professional and reliable.

Just get a Surbytown cab to LGW and an LGW based cab home when you return,simples and less expensive.

I hear Premier Cars are pretty good ( and I've used them before - although I tend to self drive if going to the airport as it is easier (and usually cheaper) than trying to juggle kids and bags and cabs which can get caught in traffic etc. A decent airport parking company (I like these guys is usually pretty cheap and they'll even give you a kickstart if your battery dies during your trip too!

I've used Saxon Cars at Tolworth for years and they are very reliable and specialise in airport drop off and pick ups.Tel: 020 8399 5555

I am looking for exactly the same as you - so will keep my eyes peeled for answers!

Travelsure on Victoria Road have never let me down on airport pick ups. About £30 back to Surbiton.

Have used surbiton cars before but probably would not use them again as they claim they will be there with a placard, but in truth they do not want to pay for the parking so simply circle round the airport until you ring them (annoyed) and say where are you?

'stuck in traffic come to the pick up point i am 5 mins away'

Anonymous you are describing exactly what happened to me - with Surbiton Cars! The only difference was, he kept us waiting three quarters of an hour, it was early evening and very cold, and he had exactly the same excuse ! I was willing to pay for parking but obviously he didnt want to perhaps arrive early and wait around. He must have left Surbiton when I phoned their office to say I had arrived at Heathrow and was waiting for luggage. He had the flight number so there was no excuse, and we arrived on time. There was no reason at all not to be there on time, I won't use them again.

I have stopped using them as well for similar reasons.

Last time I used them, I called them from the US to book and tell them exactly when my plane arrived. The plnae arrived on time, but when I phoned Surbiton Cars, they were still 'about 10 minutes away'. I allowed them about 30 minutes before calling again, at which point they were 'about 5 minutes away'

10 minutes later I was in a black cab on the way home! About 10 minutes into that journey I got a call from the original driver who had arrived at Heathrow an hour late but was still angry that I was not there. They even talked about charging me.

I won't use them again, because taking that black cab cost me £55 and all of the other cab companies are under £30 so it is important to find a reliable one.

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