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The removal of squatters from Ravens Ait

11 years ago...

I have heard from Ed Davey MP that there is a plan in place to remove the squatters from Ravens Ait and bring some normality back to the area. More details will follow but I do know there is a grassroots desire by locals to rid our town of these people! Great news!


You guys should really get a life. I am a local and the other week visited Ravens Ait for the first time. I have lived in Surbiton for nearly ten years and not once did I ever have an oppotunity to set foot on the Island, and I ask have any of you ever been on the Island before the Squatters took over. I also think they are good people who are not out to cause harm.


The squatters may be good people.
Good people often do things that are wrong, even with the best of intentions....

Does being a good person give them the right to illegally enter and take over someone else's property?

I feel strongly on this as a friend of mine recently had squatters in a flat he owns. It was empty for 2 months while being renovated
and the criminal invaders destroyed the flat.

By all means, the squatters on the island have a perfect right to air their views on the enviroment etc.
Does this mean we should pay for their illegal squatting?

"I feel strongly on this as a friend of mine recently had squatters in a flat he owns. It was empty for 2 months while being renovated
and the criminal invaders destroyed the flat."

Hmm, empty you say, for 2 months, did it renovate itself then? wot a clever flat.

The Island is a public and commercial property, neglected by its landlord, the RBK.

These good people are trying to save this historic landmark for the entire community
to enjoy, not for some jumped up little wannabe property developer to massage his bank balance and ego.

Get your facts right before your start making litigious comments.

How do you earn a living Sapphire8?



Shh, please don't hurts our ears ;-)

Well sapphire8,
One can hardly decorate a flat while a tenant is in it, can one????

This island is a public and commercial property invaded, when left empty for a short period of time, by a bunch of illegal squatters.

I, and very many other people, cansider squatting tantamount to theft.
It is a criminal act in Scotland, not in England where it is a civil matter.

So i guess on a technicality you might feel put out that i feel that squatting is tantamount to thieving, as it is only a civil matter.
It is still illegal, and immoral, in my humble opinion.

I don't object to protest, it is a good thing. I object to costing us all a load of money, just so a bunch of squatters can play at eco warriors, when this 'protest' will make no difference whatsoever

You still haven't had the wherewithal to answer a single question.
Please feel free any time.

in anticipation



No difference to the planet
please don't shout

here's a link for you to read

If you keep shouting and being abusive, there is little point in my waiting for your answers and i will not reply to your postings
I still won't report you for being personally abusive, i am happy for free speech to occur

I'm a good person Simon can I move into your house? How about when you go away on holiday?

I agree. I'd like to see the island back in the council's hands. This sets a very bad example as it suggests to people that it is acceptable to live off the back of the hard work of others rather than actually do anything themselves.

Good luck with this, Edward!

So that they can sell it off on the cheap to an highly unpopular businessman (PRE-PLANNED).
The council has neglected it's duties as a landlord in the past and is neglecting the wishes of the common people now, the same people that they are sworn
to serve. Not a Popular move, as was demonstrated with the tree protest at Canbury Gardens, heads will roll. If THIS GREAT PUBLIC ASSET IS ALLOWED TO BE SOLD OFF, THEN IT WILL BE THE COUNCIL THAT IS GUILTY OF THEFT.

"This sets a very bad example as it suggests to people that it is acceptable to live off the back of the hard work of others rather than actually do anything themselves."


Blah Blah Blah.

Please don't shout.
I don't play with bully boys who shout at me ;-)

Who is this unpopular businessman?

AKA almost everyone who disagrees with S8.

Please get a grip S8 you seem to be losing it with this last outburst.Are you teething?

I guess the highly unpopular businessman will be guilty of job creation and investment if he gets the Ait,still there is a cracking site at Tolworth for the flat earthers,that is unless the "Travellers" get their first.

You guys can try and justify this to yourselves as much as you like, but you will never make most people support the occupation of this island.

I agree that Kingston Council do not represent good value for money, but this is a totally separate issue. Unfortunately, we are stuck with them, but it does not give everyone the right to take over land that they do not own and use it for their own ends. If everyone started to do this, society would collapse completely.

The fact is that selling the Island is better for taxpayers as it will generate money that should reduce Council Tax bills as well as saving the thousands of pounds that is currently being wasted on getting these squatters out.

is based on the normandy landings or have they asked the americans to partake in the operations LOL

These people are locals, these people are grassroots, these people along with the vast majority of other locals share the same desires for the positive community use of this Island, these people ain't going anywhere.

Why not work hard, earn some money and buy your own building instead of stealing Ravens Ait. Parasites!

Hello Richard, we do and we will and we don't pay an accountant to fiddle our taxes, bon voyage

So you have actually bought Ravens Ait? How much did you pay for it?

Wouldn't you like to know, it was worth every penny though.

As reported in the Kingston Guardian this week, the occupation of Raven's Ait cost Kingston Tax payers £457,000.

Money that the hard working tax payers of Kingston could well have done with to provide public services

No,no,no,the money should have been used to reduce Council Tax,not waste it on more public services like the Rose.


Now u r talking my language!!

In fairness to Mr Davey, he is a fair minded and affable individual.

I may not agree with his political persuasion, but i feel he is a genuine person and does his best for all his constituents.

Good luck to him

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